A Mass Lighting of the Planet ~ A Recent Chat with a High Self By Suzanne Spooner

(Suzanne) Why has she come to her current life experience on Earth? (High Self) She has come to be a part of the mass lighting (of the planet). 

What do you see from your perspective about the ‘mass lighting’? 

It’s pretty interesting! I see everyone she knows, come into contact and her light brightens. It’s like she ignites it! It feels a lot warmer. I see your lighting. You lit hers and fuel it. Everybody of that energy is feeding and supporting each other. Does that make sense?


And then over there is the opposite of it but it has changed over the lifetimes from big, bad dark energy. It’s like it is crumbling; like ashes. It has burned its energy up and it is just starting to fall apart. There are still more coming that are trying to get it geared up or fired up again (fear).

There used to be a balance. It is so much brighter over here. This is like energy that can be released in one form that can regenerate in another form that is of higher frequency. Ohhhhhh! 🙂 That’s pretty cool! (What do you see?) Well, it was just all an affirmation. Because this whole wall or whatever it was (fear) just fell down! 

What does the wall represent? 

It’s just the burning of power, the greed, fear. All of those adjectives that are invented by humans. We are love, joy and harmony. We are dancing away over here. You know (the other) is just energy that was misused. 

The fear? 

Yes. Energy in its purest form is neither light or dark, right or wrong unless you take it and create something into those things. 

Things seem quite chaotic on the planet from the perspective of the human. 

They just need to look from up higher. They need to go up higher and look down. It is all perfect! It is all perfect. Now the world knows what the underbelly of a human can be. Now you know what you are dealing with; it is all out there. There aren’t secrets, nothing is hidden anymore. Isn’t that great?! (Yes!) Because all of the light workers focused on their own light! Everybody is playing their role! Everybody is playing their role and it is perfect. 

Even the ones creating chaos?

Absolutely! How would we know there was this stuff underneath it if we didn’t have the chaos? How would you know? You wouldn’t. There would just be smooth talking. Like, “Don’t look behind that curtain. Look at ME!” Now the curtain gets ripped down by people who have a focus (on light). They can march because they have a focus. Before it was just a suspicion. It’s not a suspicion anymore. They see the facts, now they can focus. 

Where do we (humanity) move from that point? 

It’s going to implode. It will get worse before it gets better. 

And what will that be like? 

Like exhaustion on both sides. 

Why must that occur? 

It’s the way to start the light! Just because the light is brighter does not make them the winner. Everyone over there (in fear) has the same energy as those over here (in light). One of the lighted ones just needs to go over and stand next to one of the darker ones. It will ignite their flame! It is happening now! (This part of her session recording ended at 2 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds. ❤

Thank you to my client, BD, for allowing me to share this segment of her QHHT session. This session occurred Tuesday, April 25th, 2017. Interestingly similar thoughts have been shared by Ron Head, Sophia Love  and Cobra.

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3 Comments on “A Mass Lighting of the Planet ~ A Recent Chat with a High Self By Suzanne Spooner

  1. There maybe troubles ahead but in the mean time theirs love and romance , let’s face the music and dance ❤️❤️❤️

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