Helpful Advice in Fueling Your 5D Body with My Buddy Sheree Clark of ‘Fork in the Road’

Hi Everyone! 

I want to introduce you to an amazing woman and friend of mine named Sheree Clark. She is a dynamic life coach and nutrition expert.

I have recently upgraded my ‘fuel intake’ by eating less and juicing more and my body LOVES it! I’ve shed ten pounds, mostly by drastically decreasing flour, sugar and dairy. I found a great place in Des Moines that affordably concocts a green juice that I now crave and replace at least one meal a day with. 

Sheree has always been my hero at eating well. Her website, Fork in the Road is filled with helpful advice, interviews, healthy recipes and Sheree’s amazing sense of humor. 

I meet people all the time who are feeling the need to fuel their bodies better and are receiving more energy because of the changes in their diets. It is so important as we make this shift into 5D, crystalline bodies that we are mindful of what we take in. I highly recommend signing up for Sheree’s newsletters and taking advantage of her high vibrational services. She works with client’s all over the world. She rocks! 

Sheree and I sat down  to do this interview awhile ago and watching it makes me both smile and giggle..check out the planter between us! Considering the work I do with past lives and the many aspects of a human experience it could not have been more fitting! 

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    This information may suit some, but remember to listen to YOUR own body. Some need more grounding foods right now…

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