State ~ Release ~ Create ~ By Suzanne Spooner

Happy Monday Everyone,

In the night I was drifting between the states of delta (sleep) and theta (clear access to the High Self). Consciousness geek confession: When I can’t sleep I love to move between those two states to feel and understand the bridge between them better. 

I was at this in between place when I clearly heard in my head this short directive: 




As I repeated these words in my mind a wave of energy would wash over me. Simple words, right? Recipe for manifestation, right? But why be given those words then? 

Here is what I believe. We need to be very clear in our intention now. EVERYTHING is happening faster and easier. No need for rituals, lengthy processes or seeking answers outside of ourselves. 

In pondering that middle of the night insight (looking within), ease and flow came to mind. The Two Breath Meditation  came to mind as well.

Nothing needs to be complicated. It is our choice. Fear, thoughts of lack and complications are energy sucking 3D experiences. 

Choose to State your desire, Release it & Create the optimal environment to realize (real-ize) your desire. Clear you mind with a few breaths of intention and watch your 5D world materialize. Ease is the new black (light). ❤

Much Love,


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