A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner ~Part Two



A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner ~Part Two


Suzanne: Do you mind if I close the windows real quick? (Leaf blowers outside)


Creator: Please.


Suzanne: OK, thank you very much. So so so sorry for that.


Creator: Oh, take your time. I have all the time in the world. (giggles!)


Suzanne: That has never been a truer statement spoken by anybody. That’s actually kind of funny.


Creator: I invented humor. You said that yourself.


Suzanne: I did! I love that. Thank… can I just take a personal moment of gratitude and thank you so much for the gift of TAUK?


Creator: We are grateful to you, dear one.


Suzanne: It has expanded and shifted me and at the very most basic of that, gave me my connection back to my sweet father, named Ron, by the way.


Creator: We have noticed that.


Suzanne: There’s a lot of Ron’s floating around in my life. I do appreciate… I saw… as a matter of fact I saw my father through Ron’s eyes today, and I understand that energy as it comes through, and I’m very grateful for that, as well. So thank you, thank you, thank you for my path and I’m so honored to be here with Ron today and with you. Oh my goodness. I just feel as though we need about 5000 hours here today as I’m trying to get through everything as quickly as I can, but not missing anything.


___________________ PERSONAL SECTION _____________________


Suzanne: He says that he awoke recently and he remembered being in a huge amphitheater at a meeting that was not of this world. Can you please give him more information about what that was?


Creator: This council you would say has happened, you would say will happen, and we will say, has always happened. You all go there… well… to the various councils. You all make the plans. You all create the creations. And you all don’t know that.


Suzanne: So, all those people in the amphitheater are souls in…


Creator: They are.


Suzanne: Okay.


Creator: Some of them you say are higher beings. They are not higher. They’re other. And, in truth, decisions are not made and put upon you because you help make them. If you want to open your mouth and say, then that is honored. If you don’t… well… you WERE there.


Suzanne: Part of the process.


Creator: Exactly.


Suzanne: OK. So having the viewpoint of it being done to us versus taking the responsibility that we were part of the decision makers…


Creator: Right. And those councils never adjourn. They’re always happening, but more and more of you are beginning to remember being there when you go, as he did, in your dreamtime. Some of you interpret that as he did. Others say, “I was on the ships.” It does not matter what picture your mind creates. It’s the same thing. But as you remember more and more of these things you will find it harder and harder to blame your circumstances on things happening to you. And as you remember being able to voice your preferences, being able to make your choices, you will find that your lives will totally change. You will know, after all, that you do create them, and it is not his responsibility, or her responsibility, or their responsibility… and… those things you are so afraid of… are not to be feared. Because one of you created them too. So, if you can create something, eventually, you are going to learn that it can be discreated. There is no need to suffer. I never asked you to suffer. I’m blamed for it all the time. It was useful. You learned a lot of good things. You will help a lot of others… when you’re not celebrating. You deserve that.


Suzanne: Now are you speaking to Ron about that? Is that…


Creator: Everyone.


Suzanne: Everyone. OK. So, in one of my sessions, actually a couple of my sessions, it was brought to my attention that there is a Council of Elders that was having kind of a review on this school of Earth and the component of suffering. Could you please give us an update about what that council has decided?


Creator: What has been done… and again, we have to be careful because you still think in time.


Suzanne: Right.


Creator: We do not.


Suzanne: Right.


Creator: What has been done is… we have said,Let this be over.” There are much more useful, much happier, much freer things which you all can be doing. When we originally made this place, this was to be… well, you called it paradise. And it truly was. And it was where you could come… for a vacation being a lobster.


Suzanne: (laughing) Right.


Creator: And none of this suffering and tribulation and trial and… and killing and maiming and torture and on and on and on and on did not exist. As a matter of fact, at first, animals did not eat animals. Now, the overall vibrations of your world have dropped some. But even with animals eating animals, all of these other things you have invented were not necessary. This has been a paradise for far longer than it has been a hell. And we wish you to be in paradise again, wherever you choose for that to be. Some of you think, “I’m from Sirius.” Some of you think, “I’m from Lyra. I’m from Aldebaran. I’m from…” wherever. And you want to go home. Well, you will go home. But we’re going to see you learn that home is not some-where-else. Home is where you are. And eventually you will look around seeking for something to do, because you’ve had enough of celebrating for the moment, and you will see other places which are not yet as fortunate as you have become. And then you will discover why you have done what you have done. To them… well you’re going to have a hard time teaching them to stop worshipping you.  Just as my son had.  Just as Buddha had.  Just as so many have had. “Do not make graven images of me.” How many of them said that? “I am not to be worshipped.” They all said that. Which of them said, “I will start a new religion?” Not one.


______________________ PERSONAL QUESTION _____________________


Suzanne: So what would you tell him about going forward in this current life? What can he do to serve the collective greater good in the best, highest way?


Creator: As he continues along the path that he is currently on, very, very shortly, he is going to discover that he is far better known than he thinks he is, and he must learn to stop thinking of that as a burden. He has always, and I mean many lifetimes, thought of that as a burden. And one does not pick up such burdens willingly. But he must pick up those burdens willingly. And if he does, he has been shown situations in which he was teaching rather large groups of people. And this will not happen because he offers to do so, it will happen because they ask him.


Suzanne: Right. Is it beneficial for him to learn this process of Quantum Healing Hypnosis?


Creator: Must you ask?


Suzanne: (laughing) No not really. It seems to me he’s heading straight there, downhill, on a fast car.


Creator: He sees Quantum Hypnosis and Theta Healing as two sides of a coin. And he will run into other things, as well. He has been a Reiki healer for twenty years. Knowing all along that Reiki… is a good thing, but…  And he will learn other things, too.


Suzanne: He asks that you please speak to him about his channeling and whether it will continue to improve… I don’t know why that part of that sentence makes me giggle… because he’s so good at what he does, but he asks if it will continue to improve and will he be able to live channel (channel live) in front of an audience. Is that what you’re speaking of, perhaps?


Creator: Those are the groups.


Suzanne: Those are the groups. Okay. And he wants to know when he’s doing that will he be able to hear the messages himself. I guess will he be conscious enough to hear the messages, or not.


Creator: We understand that he was asking us about the phenomenon you call clairaudience. What he will discover is that, when he puts himself in the place where he is right this moment… you see clairaudience is the hearing of someone other. And there is no other.


Suzanne: It’s a play on words isn’t it?


Creator: It’s a very, very hard thing for you to learn in your world. And you have been forcibly taught otherwise for thousands and thousands of years. (E.G.)There is a man whom you must seek when you want to talk to me.  How silly is that?


Suzanne: That’s silly. That’s pretty silly.


Creator: Now I’m sorry there are groups of people in front of which I would not want you to say that. But, the truth is, that all of the St. Germaines, and all of the Melchizedeks, and all of the angels and everyone else that you channel are part of me and therefore… you can finish that sentence… therefore they are part of you. And so there is no one else to hear. Although, you can teach your senses to convert that energy to something which resembles sound. And we suppose that if he still really desires that we can arrange it. But we think that, when he remembers this moment, and he will, that he will be able to equate it… because this moment that we are in right now is merely a magnified moment of what he feels when he is “channeling”. And he still doesn’t feel comfortable with the fact that he can turn away from your TAUK board, Suzanne, and begin to type, and… you see he has tried to write all his life, and blank pages stare at him for days. And yet he turns, and he begins to type, and before he knows it there are five or six hundred words, perfectly arranged in nice little paragraphs, as if he had spent three days editing them.


Suzanne: So what you’re saying is it’s OK for him to trust the process.


Creator: We would think that by now he had started to do so. But he has not.


Suzanne: Tell me why he and I have crossed paths this time.


Creator: You are… and not just you two… you are part, each of you, of a very, very special group of souls who have chosen… I began to say “have been chosen”, but that is not the truth… who have chosen to take upon yourselves the task… and please do not let this daunt you… the task of educating billions of souls in who they are. This will not be an easy thing to do, as you have discovered. But very soon, you are going to see me do a few magic tricks which are going to force people to begin to ask questions. And I wonder who will be there to answer the questions.


Suzanne: Oh. Would that be Ron?


Creator: And Suzanne. And Rick. And… and… and…


Suzanne: So what will those magic tricks be? Can you give us any information?


Creator: Oh, there will be things happening in the heavens which, at first, you will told to FEAR. “Oh my, the world is going to come to an end!” Well, if I wanted the world to come to an end, it would have ended long before now.


Suzanne: Right. True that. Got that.


Creator: But they will get your attention. And then the world will not come to an end.


Suzanne: And then they’ll question.


Creator: Ohhh, yes!


Suzanne: So what is… I know, I know, I know we do this timeframe thing, but how much time would you say we have before all that starts occurring?


Creator: It’s already occurring.


Suzanne: Right. Already occurring.


Creator: How many comets, how many mete… meteorites? How many meteors? I mean you are in literally the thick of it.


Suzanne: Right, right. OK. Gotcha. Thank you for that correction.


Creator: And there will come the opportunity for the fear mongers to pounce upon, and take advantage of, what they see coming. And then we will do our magic trick. And there will be a combination of things. There will be things which miss you. There will things which explode. BUT, there will very clear evidence that they have been exploded. And that will lead someone to ask, “Who did that?” And there will be evidence, undeniable evidence…


Suzanne: Has some of that happened already?


Creator: Oh yes! But so far, they’ve swept it all under the carpet.


Suzanne: Are we talking about 9-11?


Creator: There is that, but I’m thinking of… Case in point, there was a meteor headed for huge destruction in Russia just weeks ago.


Suzanne: Yes, yes. Okay, gotcha. I understand.


Creator: And there are films of what happened. And there those who interpret those films correctly. But they are very few. Well, there will come a time when it is undeniable any longer. And then you tell me that there is no contact with other civili… that you are the only intellig… this is so silly. The entire universe is alive. The entire universe is intelligent. That’s ME! How could it not be?


Suzanne: And here you are on this couch today, so we have proof of that, right?


Creator: Enjoying myself.


Suzanne: (laughs) Oh, well. It just pains me, but I have to bring him back because I have another appointment that I have to get to.


Creator: That is OK.


Suzanne: Oh…it just breaks my heart though.


Creator: I speak to you frequently, do I not?


Suzanne: Yes, you do. Thank you.


Creator: Okay.


Suzanne: So we can continue these conversations, both he and I, easily. Ah, bless your heart. Thank you. Thank you for this life, and this planet, and the communion between friends. Thank you for the experience.


Creator: Thank you, dear one. We have enjoyed this very much.



Ron Head’s Blog: www.oraclesandhealers.com

Suzanne’s QHHT Website: www.infinityhealers.com

TAUK Website: www.TAUKsite.com

TAUK/QHHT Blog: www.tauksuzanne.com

Dolores Cannon’s website: www.dolorescannon.com Dolores developed the process of QHHT


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18 Comments on “A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner ~Part Two

  1. My wife often wonders why I am laughing in my sleep , it is such fun. Thank you Suzanne and Ron

  2. This is just great to read. I love the humor of the boss 😉 and this one: “But very soon, you are going to see me do a few magic tricks which are going to force people to begin to ask questions. And I wonder who will be there to answer the questions”. Great work of you three

  3. With deep gratitude to All for the wonderful messages.
    Much love and Reiki blessings.

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  9. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed it very much! A reading like this would be an awesome thing to experience. I hope that everyone got what they needed out of it and I hope that I can help in any way I can. Take Care!

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  14. HI Suzanne,

    What a stunning interview! Well, I was surprised when I read the Creator saying that there was a time when no animal used to eat another animal. It made me wonder what the beings like tigers, snakes, vultures etc. used to eat at that time.

    Suzzane, did you notice any change in the pattern of Ron’s sound when the Creator came through and started speaking?

  15. Cool Thanks Suzzane………Just got back from Cancun Mexico with Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. I love following her and their was about 600 law of attraction folks from all over the world having the times of our life.
    Always love hearing from our higher selves. Need to practice more myself.
    Thanks for sharing want to hear more.

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