A QHHT Session Segment ~ A New Earth Perspective, A Trip Through My Consciousness & The Alien Scientist and Collective Voice Come Back ~ By Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

This is a three part post. First is an excerpt from a recent session I gave. My lovely client gave a very interesting description of the split of the old earth to the new earth that I had not heard before. Second is a YouTube clip I created earlier this week about an unexpected, mind bending experience I had at the dentist! This journey through my consciousness (with the help of nitrous oxide and The Beatles) is still shaping my perception a week later. I have an update too! Third, next week I will continue my series of sessions with my  client’s who created the website ANGLES PERSPECTIVE. These sessions always involve us progressing into the future to a member of the client’s soul group who is a scientist on another planet called M1. We also connect with The Collective Voice who has great information and updates for earth in this time! You might want to catch up on their session posts on the website before the next batch of information is dropped! 

The Old Earth, New Earth and Splitting of Souls

Suzanne) She wants to know what does she need to do in order to get to the new earth.

Client) She will get there. It won’t take her too long.

S) Give us from your perspective what that transition is going to be like, is like and what will it be like when she gets there.

C) It will be like a reversal of age. She will go into a different dimension. It will be like she will have her body on this earth as a healer and a body in the other dimension. They will both be her and her soul will experience both dimensions.

S) Why will her soul experience both dimensions?

C) Because she needs to stay here to help many. She also needs to go to the other dimension to establish the other one.

S) How is it she moves from one dimension to another?

C) It is her soul that will split.

S) Will she be aware when that splitting happens?

C) Yes. The two parts of her soul can communicate. She will understand. She will not panic.

S) Will it be like a parallel life?

C) Yes.

S) Will others experience it the same way?

C) Some will, not all.

S) When will that happen for her?

C) In the next three years. (Others will experience this in the correct timing for their souls experience.)

S) Will there be events that lead up to the splitting of the soul?

C) She will know when the time comes.

S) I wonder, what will be happening on earth at that time?

C) There will be some chaos. There will be a big gap two groups of humans; the ones that want to heal and help and the ones on the dark side.

S) What happens at that time?

C) The earth will not destroy. The earth will be here. Some will transition to parallel lives with the splitting of their souls. Those parts of the soul that remain on (the old) earth will not experience the difficulties that others on earth will. They will be the light bearers.

S) The light bearers will live amongst the others? Yes. What is the reason for that?

C) To help the dark side. Balance needs to come back to earth.

S) So, some will go to the new earth completely, some will split their souls and some will stay on earth while they work through their darkness? (Yes.) What else can you share with us about that time?

C) Most people will not know what happened. The ones on the dark side will not know at all. But that’s okay, the light side is here to help them, too.

S) The light ones that decide to stay on (the old) earth, what will they know that the dark ones don’t?

C) They know that the earth has split. One part is in the third dimension and one part is in the fifth dimension.

S) Will there be a long transition as the dark move to the light? How do you see that happening?

C) It’s different for each soul. There are those who are already there.

S) On the new earth? Yes. What is life like on the new earth?

C) It’s very happy. There is no system like what we have on earth right now. There is no money exchanged. People can create what they want with the power of their minds. One of the purposes of the new earth is to communicate with humans on this planet right now. The souls that have split, communicate for (with) the light bearers here. (This gives the old earth half) the support that they need on this side.

S) So the ones that have split and are on the new earth now, what do they want us here to know or be aware of?

C) They want you (healers) to continue to do the healing work. Do not get discouraged. It is all part of the experience. It’s all meant to be; the good and the bad.

S) Things seem pretty chaotic on the planet right now.

C) It will get worse. (Why?) The dark side cannot let go. Their energy is so dense they cannot see. The more the light side pushes against them, they want to push back. The gap is increasing. It’s part of the experience.

S) I would imagine the great work of Dolores Cannon, helping us to access this all -knowing part of our selves helps too!

C) Yes. She is already there. She is still hovering around to help many.

S) When (the client) decided to have this appointment, what did you (the HS) want her to receive from it?

C) An understanding and trust and a knowing. She needs to trust herself that she can heal herself.

Earlier in her session it was mentioned that this client’s soul was on its way to another life experience (in another galaxy) when she heard the call for help needed on earth. Her soul adjusted direction and plans and came into the current life to assist. That other life was a peaceful life on a water planet. Her HS said she will still have the life on the water planet but her focus is now here in the current life. Her HS explained this is why as a little girl she felt anger towards her parents for creating her. She first came to observe but she needs to also participate and do her (healing) work. She needed to go through difficulties to remember who she really is. Without the difficulties she would never consider doing the healing work. Every life challenge was on track and on purpose. She can now let go of all fear and trust again. 


How a Root Canal Expanded My Soul Experience

Consciousness expansion can happen in the most unlikely of places! I try and describe my mind blowing experience of all right brain activity. No fear. No worry. All love, insight and exploration! I hope you enjoy.

I did go back this week to complete the procedure! I was only ‘under’ a fraction of the time I was before and used that time as a fact finding mission to see if I truly perceived what I thought I had. I locked in to my left brain exiting the building, so to speak. I experimented with astral travel and played within the heart-space. I even went back into a ‘dream’ I had recently to further explore an other worldly, tropical water planet with two of my besties! When in Rome… 🙂 

Exploring Our Cosmic Connections ~ A Very Unique Conversation with an Alien Scientist & The Collective Voice

The alien scientist and Collective Voice are back via my lovely client and his partner. We will be working together to produce a new session, tapping into the life of the scientist on M1 and the Collective Voice that shares outstanding information about earth and where we are headed. In the posts you can read below you will see the Collective was talking about activity in Antarctica a year prior to it being in the news! 

You can visit their websites and get all the background at ANGLES PERSPECTIVE.

You can read the past posts I’ve made on their sessions:

Exploring Our Cosmic Connections ~ A Very Unique Conversation with an Alien Scientist

Part 2 of Exploring Our Cosmic Connections

Friends of Suzanne’s Cosmic Playground Come Back ~ Charlie & Ella 

Lastly, I am so excited to be heading to Brisbane, Australia and Taipei, Taiwan to assist and teach QHHT classes with the lovely Julia Cannon, Jane Ishii & Jovy Wan! Julia will also be in China teaching. We would love to have you join us for these life enhancing classes! Learn more HERE. You can use the discount code GRATEFUL to receive 10% off the Level 1 Online class and the Level 1 Companion class. 

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  1. What a loving and authentic energy you have Suzanne.. thanx for sharing.. seems like there are some QHHT practitioners around the globe that have similar messages about the ‘new’ earth.. thank you for sharing.. ❤

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