Friends of Suzanne’s Cosmic Playground Come Back to Play ~ Charlie and Ella


Thank you for the MANY comments, shares, PM’s and emails from the Trump/Ascension segment! Holy buckwheat, I am still playing catch up. Todd is considering releasing more information from his ah-mazing session and even doing another. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂 Today though I welcome back two friends to my cosmic playground! Some of you may have followed their session stories at

Charlie is regressed to where we have a real time discussion with a member of his soul group, Phil, who is a scientist on an experimental planet called M1. Phil actually remembers us each time and gets us up to date on the free energy experiments that are conducted on his planet (in the future, our time) and gives understanding about his home planet of Kylox. Are you still with me?? haha. That is what my Monday is like! Ella, Charlie’s amazing life partner and QHHT practitioner joins in on our sessions to ask questions and witness. After spending time with Phil, we connect in with the Collective Voice to get more information. Check out their website to have your mind expanded and look for updates from today’s QHHT session.

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