More Startling Insight on Trump’s Election, The 11/11 Portal and DAPL Protectors ~ By Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone,

What a wild time it has been since posting “Startling Insight Into Donald Trump’s Election, Intention and the Science of Ascension Explained“. The post has been re-blogged in lovely places like Kauilapele’s Blog, Golden Age of Gaia and others. Todd, my client and subject of this session, and I are very grateful to the reception this post and YouTube Clip are receiving. We ultimately hope it brings peace, understanding and a higher way of viewing these incredible and chaotic times we all are living. We know it is reaching exactly who needs to see it.

I received an email On Monday, November 28th, 2016 from fellow QHHT practitioner Charlotte Daniel in the U.K. She shared with me a portion of a transcribed session she did with a client in London on the same date and time as I did Todd’s ~ 11/11/16 at 11am. I’ve added her email below to explain the transcribed session she generously included: (At the end of her transcription I’ll add Magenta Pixies YouTube clip.) I didn’t want to divide this post, so it is long but I do think we are getting many similar pieces to this puzzle. I’ll let you know as more come in. Please share all around.

With Much Gratitude,


Hi Suzanne,

I have a client that just told me that she had listened to your 11/11 Trump session so of course I went to have a listen.  Anyway I wanted to tell you that I also had a client on 11/11 in London – also at 11am.  I had just been listening to Magenta Pixie and her channelling about the Portal and Trump etc when my client arrived.

This client was from Eastern Europe and had no interest in the election and knew nothing about portals.

The similarities between what she said about Trump/Clinton etc with your client are amazing and also with what the Magenta Pixie recording was saying about portals.

Anyway I just wanted to share that with you.  She has also said that I could share the transcript I made with anyone so fyi here it is.  

With Love


C = Charlotte

S = client

C Why did S come to see me today 11;11 – she waited a long time to see me and then has come on this very important date- what is the significance?

S To remind her of a new and better start, to start taking care of herself. We’ve been giving her numbers all the time, like synchronizing numbers everywhere. It’s easier these days and times to get through to change things.   There are more energies around. 

C What about the significance to the world of today?  Do you have info you can share with both of us today – info or advice?

S There is a new portal of energy opening up and things manifesting much faster, people waking up.

C Where is this new portal?

S It is all around you, you just need to tune in like tuning into a radio station.

C How do we tune in?

S With happy feelings, meditation, taking care of yourself. This all makes you tune in.

C What happens with this portal?

S It brings better times for Earth and everyone.

C People are worried because of Donald Trump and Brexit, so how will it bring better times?

S They see Trump as a problem but Hillary is a bigger problem. Trump is the best of these two.

C Why is Hillary a bigger problem?

S She’s involved in a lot of dark things.  She’s a puppet.

C Of  whom?

S For some Dark people of the world.

C Who are they?

S The families who want to control everything.

C Are they human?

S Half human

C He’s less of a problem? 

S Yes.

C So now the world has him, is it a good thing?

S Yes.

C Why is it a good thing?  Is he going to do good things? America is in chaos –  

S It’s good He’s going to bring more people together ——-

C How, when he is talking about hate and division?

S Calling those things names, people will start to look forward to a better future.

C How will they create a better future?

S It’s not everything that we read and see on tv is true.  It’s all messed up to believe certain things, …but much more people are awake now and finding their own peace.

C What isn’t true?

S Well loads of people don’t watch tv  at all any more or read papers and they have found peace in themselves and when they live in this peace they make the world around them a peaceful place.  The less effected they are from the problem then the less problems are around them.

C What about the demonstrations in the USA since the election?

S It will calm down.

C Does DT want world peace and good things for the world?

S Yes, he doesn’t want fighting – like Clinton does. He doesn’t want blaming and shaming Russia, he wants peace with Syria and Arab world.

C Will he get the right team around him to be able to create this?

S He will try and it depends if he becomes a puppet but he is different.

C Is it possible to help him not to become a puppet?

S Yes.

C How?

S To channel into the peace.

C To channel peace to who?

S To Donald Trump, America and all the people around the world.

C So he isn’t compromised already? 

S No. 

C He is independent? 

S Yes.

C Already I’ve seen there are people thinking of assassinating him.

S He will be protected. America likes assassinating good people – 

C Who likes that?

S The people who like to control the world, they change peoples minds and they play around.  They have been brainwashed.

C Why do good intelligent people think Hilary would be good or a better solution?  

S They need to look into her eyes better and her daughter is evil as well.

C Why is her daughter evil?

S She’s been involved with those dark rituals and stuff.

C These rituals that we hear that some of the politicians and people are involved in are true are they?

S Yes- they want power.

C Is DT involved in any rituals like that?

S No.

C Are any of his family or advisors?

S He will recognize one person and he will get rid of him.

C Who is that person?

S One of his advisors.

C Can you name him?

S Peter

C Peter who?

S Peter W….. something with a w sound in it (Note from Suzanne: I could only come up with Peter Novarro or Peter Thiel currently as Trump advisors. It could be someone in the future or the name could be wrong if not one of these two.)

C So can you use the word of what the bad people call themselves?

S Something to do with Black Knights – something to do with that.

C Always that one group?

S No they are involved with some other groups but I don’t like to go there.

C I know – do you mind me asking me these questions, is it ok for me to ask these questions?

S Yes.

C I feel we are able to get info that might help the world now – I want to be able to get info that will  help with the right timeline if its possible.

S The same as with Boris –

C Explain please – 

S It’s like everyone was against Boris when he came to London but he turned out to be good for London as mayor.

C What about Brexit?

S Brexit  is a good thing, because at the same time they are trying to pull together to control everyone from one place and people are waking up. They want to be independent.

C Why does it seem that the intellectual people are pro-Remain and pro-Hillary and its more of the less educated who are pro Brexit and Trump.

S The system of schooling means the less clever in your system person,  trust themselves more.  The  ones more highly educated are more brainwashed.  He has less trust and contact with that side of themselves because they think that’s wrong because school does not teach you to be sensitive to how you feel, it just teaches you to repeat what teacher says so you repeat what tv, press says and don’t look at both sides of the coin.  People are so busy they don’t have time to spend in just being, with no distraction but that’s where they need to go.

C So what about this stargate/portal of today? What else can you tell me that will help the planet to have information about it?

S  Theres a lot of beautiful energy coming down, lots of hearts are opening to see the truth and to find love.  

C What is the truth? 

S That we are a piece of God, and God is part of all of us, and each of us is like a whole Universe because we create our world. 

C How do we create our world? 

S From the belief.    The portal will let in more. Love will be all around.

C That is what the portal is about?

S   Yes it’s sending –  the portal will send peace all around and also to the dark knights.

C Will they feel it and allow it in?

S Some of them.

C What will happen when they do that?

S They will change.

C How will they change? 

S They will become light – and we are all part of something bigger.

C What are we part of ?

S The whole experience of life.

C What do you mean?

S You are here to have as much experience as you can to bring back to God so even the darkest part of the experience there is no division in Gods mind between dark and light only in this place where you have divisions so the less divisions the more peaceful the light.  You need to learn to  accept other people, see them as brothers and sisters and the darkness has no space ..

C Where would the darkness go then?

S It will be there but less much less.

C So with this portal and Donald Trump –  he’s said things about minorities etc how does that fit into a better world? Why did he say those things?

S He felt he had to.

C For what purpose? Why did he have to?

S To wake people up.

C Why would saying that wake people up?

S To start to think for themselves. It’s to shock some people out of their sleep. It wasn’t the best way but it has created this place where people start to think . It was done because it was needed.

C But what about the minorities, the different groups that he’s frightened, what about them are they now victims?

S No.

C He won’t hurt them?

S No. 

C Did he ever intend to hurt them?

S He was hurt as a boy but he’s learning to accept it now. He’s not going to hurt them.

C He’s not going to hurt people for being different?

S No.

C Does he want good things for minorities?

S Yes, he’s a peaceful man.

C Do his family love him?

S Yes.

C Are his family good?

S More or less yes  – angels world (didn’t pick up what she said at the time or would have asked about this)

C Is there anything from where we are now that we can do to help the process?

S Yes to find peace within – 

C You mean in our personal lives?

S Peace within creates peace all around and don’t judge anyone else.

C What about judging people like Hillary?

S She doesn’t know love, true love so she needs love as well.

C Can we send love to Hillary and the Dark Knights? Can we send it now through this portal?

S Yes, thats what they need.

C Tell me what you are doing and how you are doing it and when you are finished.

S I’m sending light, wrapping the earth with light and love all around.  Some people don’t want to let it in but they will do.

C Why don’t they want to let it in?

S They are scared.

C Can anything help them?

S It’s a free choice to let it in or not you can’t make anyone and they have all the angels to help them but still it’s free choice.

C And what about Donald Trump and his team and advisors, particularly Peter W can we do anything -send him healing or love will that help him and his team?

S Yes we can send love to all America-

C Tell me how you are doing that.

S By using the portal to wash them all in pure light and Light is needed all around the world.

(Long pause as this happens)

C Is there any other info at all you can give us that will help anyone in the world, to do with the stargate, portal, 11 11, to make sure we are on the right timeline? Any of those things?

S You must create a better future by dreaming it up.  Lots of light workers on Earth are working hard make it better.

C What is S’s job in dreaming it up?   

S She’s really doing it with positive things, bit by bit, finding peace and that creates more peace around.

C How do we dream it up?  

S We can make a picture in the mind of peace all around in personal life, or in big global life, with people, every little dream, positive thought will help – it’s like if someone thinks of getting married etc they do, burglary they do.  The mind is powerful.

C How are the light workers helping?

S When they meditate together the power is much bigger, stronger.

C What is my path?

S Helping people to heal themselves, to find peace within.

C Is there any other info at all either about S’s life, or about the world situation that you can share with us now?   

S The world will find the best way forward it just needs to shake off the old and it’s like giving birth it’s a bit painful when you shake the old off.

C How is it going to shake off the old?

S Some systems will break down.

C Which ones?

S Banking, and even political orders, it doesn’t serve the world any more.

C When this happens what will happen?

S The people who have found peace in themselves they will feel less issues, the one’s in the middle of it they will experience more of the pain and struggles. It’s everyones chosen path because we create our world.

C So some people will feel it and some won’t depending on their level of inner peace? 

S Yes.

C What about day to day living when financial systems break down?

S There are places with no banks today and people are fine.

C You showed her the life of an Indian lifetime – is there anything you can tell us about the North Dakota pipeline and the oil industry and fracking?

S Just greed.  There are so many ways of creating energy without destroying the Earth, but some people want it – its the greed.

C What can we as individuals do about it?

S We can stand together and stop that – it’s hard to stand together but if we do …

C Does that mean we need to go there?

S Yes to show support.

C What if it’s difficult for personal and family reasons? 

S Talk to other people and influence people, write to people in power talk to them

C Is it important to stop it?

S Yes.

C Why show her that life?

S To remind her of peace within that brings living in harmony. You don’t need fancy things to be happy.

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  1. Reblogged this on Cuthelain’s Weblog and commented:
    A wonderful insight into the times. I agree that Trump is not as bad as the media has made out and will need a little bit of time to work it out. The others such as Hillary Clinton are damaged goods and were moulded that way from their early years. I feel they are fading away rapidly as many who are behind them are. Turbulent days ahead but eventually after a severe wake up things will change.

  2. A wonderful insight into the times. I agree that Trump is not as bad as the media has made out and will need a little bit of time to work it out. The others such as Hillary Clinton are damaged goods and were moulded that way from their early years. I feel they are fading away rapidly as many who are behind them are. Turbulent days ahead but eventually after a severe wake up things will change.

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