When You Are Ready to Heal Yourself ~ A Potentially Life Saving QHHT Session Story by Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone,

Miracles are common in my office. You have the power to heal yourself. Your emotions and thought patterns cause your ailment, pain, disease, unhappiness. ~ These are statements I say to my QHHT clients often.

One of my client’s this week demonstrated that after enduring a life of discomfort, being brought back from death and a hopeless prognosis from doctors that she was ready to take back her power, her health and her wellbeing. It began with her making the appointment. She mentioned to me as we got settled in my office that she had been unexpectedly happy in the weeks since making her appointment. To me, that is validation that she was ready for big changes.

As I listened to her life story, I realized she was very lucky to even be alive. She was told 2 decades earlier that she only had four years to live. She told me she firmly decided the doctors were wrong. But the prognosis had not been good. She was a walking medical mystery. She was born with a plethora of issues including: Tracheal Hypoplasia, Pulmonary Valve Stenosis and Stenotic Pulmonary Arteries. These led to a life of never getting enough oxygen, having limited energy and always gasping for breath. Simple tasks were difficult if not impossible. She said on the outside she looks normal and it was hurtful the way people treated her because of the limitations her insides presented. They couldn’t see how mixed up her body was and judged her. She had over ten more serious health issues.

One of the very important discoveries Dolores Cannon made in her decades of hypnosis work was how the body is always sending us messages; especially when we are off track with our life purpose. The body is a very literal message giver. Once we truly understand the message there simply is no reason to hang onto the symptoms. Julia Cannon has written a wonderful book explaining this called Soul Speak, The Language of your Body.

As it is in a QHHT session, once she had shared her life story and showed me a list of questions she would like to have answered by the aspect of herself that knows everything (High Self, Subconscious, Soul Self), I guided her into a deep state of hypnosis. She visited two past lives and spent some time on the spirit side with her teacher preparing for another life on Earth and as an angel helping souls prepare for coming to Earth in the great shift.

I asked for access to her Soul Self to answer her list of questions and to ask for healing and understanding of her health issues. Here is what she (her Soul Self or SS) said the reasons for her illnesses were:

Chest: (her main three issues were here) She started by taking very big breaths and then her SS said it was opening the chest. She was born this way to prove that she could heal herself, to slow her down so that she would pay attention to life. It explained it was opening her heart with light and it will be stronger and she will breath easier. These issues were to make her focus on observing life around her and the people within it. Her SS said the heart will be fully healed in five months and her esophagus would be fully healed in one year and she was encouraged to meditate to speed the healing.

Tennis elbow with both arms: SS said it was caused by not moving forward in her life. She needs to write and teach the world love, that we are more than our bodies and to release and let go.

Mind: Helping her to love all and noting she will be strong.

Back: Her back aches because of the heavy load of problems she carries. She was helped to let them go. SS reports the back is healed.

Birthmark on her arm: She wanted to know why she had it: SS said it was a flower from Spirit to remind her that she is more than she thinks. A tattoo from Spirit. ❤

Left side of her heart was enlarged: SS said she loves big and it is fine.

Edema: This teaches her to put herself in other’s positions and guides her to take better care of herself.

Anxiety and depression: She is more than she is told. Fear is not needed. She was reminded to love herself and not to fear. Her SS said, “She connects to Us and We welcome her.” I asked who “Us” are. ” All of us. One. We are love. Remember love.”

High Blood Pressure: SS said it will no longer be an issue; she has heard Us.

Hypothyroid: She does not speak her truth. This causes her throat problems and slows her down. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!

Arthritis: This was caused by thinking bad about herself, thinking without her heart. Her SS said, “A book isn’t a book without a story. Otherwise they are just words that make no sense. Her story is significant and should be shared. We are love. Love is everything.

Asthma: Fear of living; it is a reaction of fear.

Eye Allergies (weepy eyes): To let go, release emotion for this allows the sadness to flow and heal.

Hardened cartilage in the ears and throat: To remind her to listen and speak. It recommended her to focus on listening and said her mind moves fast, she loses focus on her tasks.

Gluten Intolerance: She has this to focus on eating better. It would not heal this because it kept her taking better care of her body.

Whistling in ears (very recent): Her SS said they needed to speak with her and remind her to connect and to listen. To get her attention.

She is due to go back to a world renowned medical facility to monitor her issues. She dreaded doing so and wanted to know what her SS had to say about it. It stated that she should go back and get tests! These tests would prove that she healed herself! She should tell the doctors, “I healed myself!” She is strong and will live a long life.

Her Soul Self gave sweet words of advice. It said that every negative thing is nonsense; to flow and let go. Her purpose in this life is to teach love and guide people; to show them they are more than they perceive, to talk & write about love. They told her to do this all the time, even when it is inconvenient. They agreed to open her memories from the spirit side when she was an angel teaching souls how to bring love to Earth. They recommended that she work with older people who were ready to transition. She was told they fear passing to this realm. We are love, there is no pain and will be quickly guided Home and there is an ease to letting go; just like letting go of a balloon filled with helium.

Upon coming out of hypnosis she was breathing as normally as I was! She still felt the energy that was healing her. We both were elated at what had transpired in a mere 6+ hours. She sent me this update yesterday:

“Despite some self doubt and some naysayers, intuition and circumstance has guided me to QHHT.   “Stunning!”  “Spectacular!”  “Glorious!”   These are just some of the words I have used since my session.  The feeling of the golden healing light that embraced me during the session Suzanne facilitated for me was more magnificent than words in our language could ever describe. This experience has revitalized hope and understanding in myself, gifted me with profound clarity and a has me motivated to surge forward on a more focused path. 

Life has never made more sense to me. Find your path, don’t waste a day…”

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  1. Love it, thank you Suzanne, the first words came out ‘let it be’ because of predictive text

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