Ann Anderson The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann re: OPN (other people’s negativity)12/14/11

This is the Council of Twelve. Yes, we have noticed the energies are “getting crazy.” We assume you refer to the rather unbalanced messages seen recently on Facebook. It takes all kinds, as the saying goes, and Facebook enables everyone to place their vibration in a public forum. This is generally a positive thing, but obviously, the waters are somewhat muddied by the negativity carried by certain individuals.

Keep your own stream of thought as clean and free of debris as possible. It’s the only thing you can do, other than avoiding the negativity whenever possible. Simply scroll down the page to look at something else, or block that person. That’s perfectly fine. No need to expose yourself to vibrations that are low and unwholesome.

The entire planet is ascending, but not everyone will grow at the same rate. Those at the lower end of the vibrational spectrum will benefit from the raising of the collective vibration, but they will be proportionately lower, just as they are now. Live and let live, unless someone needs to be stopped. We do not counsel passivity. We counsel using your energy wisely. Some people are actively destructive and should be quarantined. Some are merely unhappy, deluded and flailing and should be ignored. In either case, you owe it yourself to stay protected. Keep that white light around you at all times.

Be advised that more “craziness” will arise in the coming year. It’s like turning over a shovel of dirt; many things will be revealed, not all of them pleasant. But once exposed to the light, they can be healed or disposed of. It’s going to be a rocky year in many respects. Don’t be scared. Just stay awake, alert, and do what you have to do – appropriately.

Your gauge is your emotion. If you are coming from a place of nervousness, anxiety, fear, stop and recalibrate. Say nothing, do nothing until you have re-centered yourself. Yours is the only aura you can control. Yours is the only behavior over which you have dominion. Take care of your own garden. Weed as necessary. Do not worry. Do not be disturbed by those who have problems of their own. The world contains innumerable permutations of thought, psychologies, behavior, attitudes, illusions, delusions, facts, fictions, conspiracies, plans, wishes and hopes. Many are light-filled, others not at all light. You can swim in the end of the pool that suits you. Do not worry. Do not dwell upon others’ negativity. Not your problem.

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