4/16/2011 God Message to the TAUKers

My Dear Beloved,


Elated news of a TAUK update is here. The new update is an opportunity to improve your experience & connection to universal knowing. If you feel your currant connection is fine, please respect your intuition & use your existing formula. If you feel an update will assist a clearer connection for your experience then trust your intuition. With this update will come the end of all new suggested statements. Your formula will be updated energetically now. On the occasion you feel your formula is in need of an update, let your TAUK teacher know & she will give you a personal statement or two that will assist your connection.


This update is aligned with the new energy of Gaia or Mother Earth as she continues her glorious path towards ascension. All who feel an update is beneficial will know in their heart this is right for them. If it doesn’t feel right to update now, then know you have made the right decision as well. Simply meditate, connect to My frequency with your currant formula & ask if the update is beneficial for your journey of enlightenment. Never doubt your inner voice.

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