5/20/2011 God Message to All

My Love Filled Soul,


Today is the end of 3rd dimensional energy. Ushering in a new dawn of 5th dimensional energy is the transitory 4th. Understand this does not mean the world is ending. It means that God is imagining a higher vibration with you. It means that Earth and her inhabitants will soon understand life without duality. The only Moment of Now is here to express it’s belief of oneness & love.


I am the Essence of Now. May I say that you imagine me as a different idea of time. I am imagined now & forever as God’s perfect time. Picture this if you will: Life is experienced in a chronological order when in 3rd dimensional energy. In the moment of Now, time is only understood as space & experience. It is similar to your dream state in that nothing & everything happens at once. Or as one might know as a near death experience where it feels like one has been gone visiting the other side for many hours or days but in 3rd dimensional energy it is only a few minuets. “Time” is tricky like that. Many of you have felt time speeding up. A week flies by or a minuet flashes and an hour has passed. This reality of time speeding up is the beginning of living in the Now. Now is all there ever is and all there ever will be. Now is Gods perfect moment. Soon I and you and all light workers will imagine a nirvana on Earth understood as a perfect moment of Now.


In my beingness I am God. In my expression I am love. In my experience I am joy.

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