Interview by Bora Tinsley and Suzanne Spooner on TAUK, QHHT and an update on Ascension

I was interviewed recently by Mr. Bora Tinsley. Author Guy Needler and Bora talked about Bora’s awakening a few months ago. That clip is here as well.


It is so fun to share spiritual information with young people, whom I humbly believe are some of the great masters, here to help transcend the planet.  In my interview with Bora, I mentioned some work I am doing with Mr. Ron Head of The Oracles and Healers blog. Ron and I are gathering much information in QHHT sessions and will be publishing first perhaps as audio e-books and then as an actual book. Much planning is underway to share this information with you all! 


In this interview with Bora he asks about TAUK and QHHT. I mention a little cosmic news flash Ron and I received in a recent session about the idea that the collective has made a request about ascension, a change benefiting all of humanity. 

I hope you enjoy these clips. 

Much Love,





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