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Hi Everyone!

I have been corresponding with a lovely gentleman who is interested in learning both The Art of Universal Knowing (TAUK) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). TAUK is my process, QHHT is Dolores Cannon’s. I lovingly and gratefully practice both! He asked some very interesting questions and thought I would share them here as well. If any of you have questions about TAUK or QHHT, leave them as a comment and I will do my best to reply back.

Much Love,



1. Is TAUK a procedure I could do to another

somewhat like a QHHT session?


TAUK is designed to be a personal exploration to open the connection to the higher realms. I’m sure there are some people who use it to receive messages for others but its intend is as a tool for personal growth for the one using it. 


2.   I’d like to contact my deceased relatives…. perhaps 2 or 3

sessions on each.  Would I get different info with each session?  Am I actually in communication with their spirits?

TAUK was originally perceived as a way to connect with loved ones who have passed. What I found as I kept working with it though was that I could have communication with many aspects of energy; angels, guides, God, the Higher Selves of people who were still living, ET’s. I just kept an open and loving intent and received messages from many lovely energies. 


I would assume you would receive different information with each message. The other soul you wish to communicate with needs to agree to come through. If, for any reason, they wish not to then perhaps they will at a later date. Sometimes, I would receive messages from a loved one through another. I received messages from my grandfather through my dad. 


I believe we are communicating with aspects of that person’s soul. I once asked my father if I would still have communication with him if he chose to incarnate again. His answer was yes. He said he was like an orange. 🙂 Lots of sections (aspects) connected to the core (God). And that there was still and always an aspect of me where he is! It’s just that our perception believes we are only in one place at a time. 


3… is TAUK different from QHHT as far as contacting

universal consciousness and love?

TAUK & QHHT are similar in that they both show people that all answers are within and are processes that show a person how to access that information. In both you are connecting with universal consciousness and love. With QHHT you are guided by a practitioner to a deep place of relaxation to access through images and memories. With TAUK, you can sit anytime and use your formula statements to raise your vibration/frequency so that you can receive beautiful, unconditionally loving messages at any time. 


4. I’d like to take your TAUK course before the online QHHT……….

   and learn it perfectly before starting QHHT.    Do you see any problem with that?

Both processes are similar yet different from one another. Doing one before another is only a choice; let your heart guide you! 🙂 


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3 Comments on “Questions & Answers about TAUK and QHHT

  1. I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy practitioner in Houston, Texas and I confess this is an amazing technique developed by Dolores Cannon. I will be taking the TAUK method soon.

    I am just really happy that you do not have the DEDICATED TAUK practitioner. I get calls from people saying well I see you on the QHH Therapist list but why are you not labeled DEDICATED?

    I told the potential client… You are labeled DEDICATED IF YOU PAY AN ADDITONAL $240 a year to be apart of their forum which is supported by Dolores Cannon. Classes and other tools are divulged to those who pay the additional fees.


    Receiving phone calls from clients that doubt my dedication to my practice is unreal. If I paid $700.00 for the on-line course in these economic times than that is proof enough I am dedicated.

    I am not angry or hostile, please don’t read this the wrong way.

    • Hi Hank,

      I don’t take your comment as angry or hostile. Dedicated is just a word. The forum, for about .65 cents a day is a wealth of archived knowledge, advice and support. It’s a loving community of professionals. I learn everyday I read posts and and receive many answers when I have a question.

      I know there are many practitioners, both at the level one and two designations that are not on the forum, that are very dedicated to their practice and assisting others.

      Because the public, seeking practitioners, wanted a designation, a way of knowing who of the many that Dolores had trained, keep their education and their skills honed, the “dedicated” designation was given. It may not be the best word to use but it’s the best we have right now. If you are doing what you love and are serving yourself and others, a designation of any sort may not be needed.

      Much Love,

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