You Are. I Am. That is All. ~ A God Message by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

Hi Everyone,

I’m curious. Have you felt the oddness in the energy this week? At times I’ve wanted to be out amongst others only to feel myself power down and need some solitude. Finding balance has been a little dicey for me, anyway. I hope you are balancing well. 

A few days ago I sat for this brief but lovely message. It felt like a lot was said in very few words. Enjoy! ❤

[Hi God.]

Hi Suzy.

I Am. You are. The message I would like to give you is simply that. 

You need not worry about anything, ever. You have only to know that you are creating the experience to learn from. That is all. 

You think at times that things happen to you. Things happen for you. 

It is only a shift in perspective. 

Give yourself imagination to create your reality that you desire. It is that simple. 

You are fond of saying, “Many messengers, same message.” Try this one: “Many learning experiences, One teaching.”

You are. I Am. That is All. ❤

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