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Hello Everyone, This blog is a place where I post my own TAUK messages and where some students of TAUK have kindly allowed me to share their TAUK messages. Please browse through the messages, follow the posts if you like! I also post some of my session stories from my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) practice, with the kind approval of my clients. Both TAUK & QHHT give us the knowing, understanding and experience that all answers are truly within. 

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May your journey with TAUK be magical!

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TC 2014

As many of you have heard by now Dolores Cannon; author, publisher, speaker and teacher of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) has passed from this physical life.

As a QHHT practitioner almost every client I have has a “How Dolores Happened to Me” story to share. I always love to listen as the synchronicity of each journey is unique and special.

I thought I would share with you my personal “How Dolores Happened to Me” story.  Read More

Laura Salusa

During a QHHT I facilitated I had an intuitive client who was wishing to ‘hear’ or ‘see’ his intuitive information easier. That smart High Self came back with this.. Read More

A huge and grateful thank you to Sheree Clark to asking me to be on her TV show, A Fork in the Road to talk about my passion of helping people with hypnosis and QHHT! I was super nervous but Sheree and her crew were so calming and professional. We did it in one take!! My part is in the first 10 min or so and there is a segment on organic wine and a wonderful healthy recipe that Sheree shares as well. A Fork in the Road is all about promoting a healthy life and exploring experiences of where there is…A fork in the road! ~ Suzanne


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universal love


August 26, 2014

[Hi God.] I would like to begin with a clearing. [Thank you. (A big, several minute clearing with my pendulum occurred followed by a small download)] Being grounded and centered right now is challenging for many. You and others can have feelings of discombobulation. This is because of the intense energies coming into planet and then into the physical bodies on the planet.

Give me a moment to explain how you can use these energies to your benefit. In other times of lower energy input it was easier for humans to go about their day to day lives. As the energy expands and attracts to your planet you will notice a shift in your emotions and experiences. It is like sitting next to a stream one minute and then sitting next to a dam that has been opened wide the next. One minute you are observing, peaceful and reflective and the next you are white water rafting down a waterfall. In the moments of the white water rafting, your first inclination is hanging on for survival. You can feel very ungrounded because you are. That is by design. We have to knock you around a bit to allow for your being to be shifted, upgraded and recharged to the higher energies. It can give you a very unsettling feeling, for example like the earthquake that recently was felt in California. Read More

Originally posted on New Earth Journey:

Does this sound like you? Do you go from doctor to doctor, modality to modality, desperate to find the cure for what ails you?

Whether it be cancer, allergies, arthritis, depression or even loneliness, if you are searching for a solution, and think that all you have to do is find the right _______ (doctor, drug, surgery, treatment, guru, crystal) and then pay for your _______(appointment, prescription, session or item) and then you will be _______ (happy, healthy, balanced, loved), you will surely fail in your quest.

Every challenge, every dis-ease, every problem you have must be ultimately solved by you.

You have the challenge or dis-ease for a reason. You can certainly drive that reason underground with treatments of any and every kind, but it will only fester or return or “change its spots” until you face the issue that brought it on squarely and honestly and make some…

View original 252 more words

Maxfield Parrish

Recently I have had such an array of QHHT clients; from the very typical and easy to the very challenging. The one I am writing about is a successful farmer who just recently found Dolores Cannon and QHHT.  By his own account he was ego driven but wanting to tame his ego and get insight to anger and rage he had. He was a very nice man ~but man oh man~ from the interview I thought he might be challenging! USUALLY a QHHT client easily lets go into hypnosis and allows his/her High Self to show them 1-3 past lives or other experiences that help explain why life has been the way it has. They come to the session with a list of questions they want their High Self (subconscious) to answer. Almost without fail this happens and all their questions are answered and so much more. QHHT is the quintessential experience that ALL answers are within. As a QHHT practitioner, (and total geek on this amazing process) I guide my client through this process. Not all can get out of their own way. The ego, conscious mind is crafty and annoying at times. And as a true testament to Dolores and QHHT, every session is perfect, even if it may not look like it initially. I thought about dividing this post into two parts but truly, I think it is best to have it all together. The magnitude of childhood or adult abuse is staggering. This process of QHHT is a way to safely explore not only this topic but to get clarity and understanding on all life has to offer. Life is messy. Understanding brings forgiveness and even compassion. Bless us all. ~ Suzanne Read More

super conscious


Hi Everyone,

This QHHT client of mine, Pat, has given his kind permission to share parts of his session with you. He’s had a fascinating journey in his awakening and it was an honor to facilitate  his session with him. This part of the conversation happened well into his session ~he was deeply hypnotized~ when I was asking his High Self or Subconscious questions from a list he had made prior to the appointment.I think he describes his journey of awakening best:


“As for where I was before awakening, yes I was a Tea Party type Fox News viewer.  I loved to drink Kool Aid! :)

Today I spend time on Quantum Physics, study on how to better meditate and some research on how the powers at be have suppressed our ability to be more spiritual and awake.  We are waking up and the powers at be are losing control and are beginning to panic. I have very strong feelings and visions our current paradigm will not exist past 2016. What a time to be alive on earth.” ~ Pat



He wants to know why did he “wake up”? Read More



God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Good Morning Suzy. We would like to talk today about the sovereign right of all humans. Given that all humans are expressions of the Divine in physical form, there is the inherent right to have access to all knowledge that serves you. Read More

Originally posted on New Earth Journey:

Here is an out-of-this-world story for baseball fans young and old:

What would you say to the notion of the reincarnated Lou Gehrig returning to life on planet Earth? Preposterous? Or simply the circle of life as accepted by many Eastern cultures? The concept of reincarnation is being considered more seriously in the West these days, especially in metaphysical circles. Even popular culture has shown an interest with television shows such as the new reality show “Ghost Inside My Child.” If you haven’t heard of that program you can read more about it in this Huffington Post Article

The following story was written by Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Jeroen de Wit of Los Angeles, CA.  In a hypnotic regression using a method pioneered by Dolores Cannon, Jeroen facilitated the past life regression for the mother of the child who was claiming to remember life as Lou. Turns out, she was his mother…

View original 1,084 more words

Hi Everyone! 

Last week Ron and I were back in the studio for our 21st session of Speaking with Self. We are getting ready to do the first of two live QHHT sessions where I guide Ron to access the Creator/God energy and to answer questions from our audience! Holy cow, this should be fun! :) You can click HERE to go to our Speaking with Self website to listen to the Session 21 recordings. The topic is:  How to Effect Others to Awaken.


At lunch, just prior to this session, Ron expressed concern that while in trance he was filtering the information coming through with his own consciousness. I reassured him that I watch and listen very carefully and have facilitated hundreds of QHHT sessions. I can safely say that he is deeply under and the depth and breadth of information that flows through him in these sessions is authentic. But I told him I would ask again while he was under just to see what God/Creator had to say.


This recording was intended to be just a private question meant for Ron to listen to. But as can happen in these sessions, the answer expanded out to how we all can trust our own inner-knowing. Ron and I thought you might like to listen in! :) It is our sincerest wish that this YouTube clip assists you to trust your own inner-knowing!

If you are in the Des Moines, Iowa area we will be presenting our live QHHT session at Common Thread hosted at Plymouth Church on Thursday, May 1st 2014 at 7pm. HERE is link to the Common Thread blog. 


On evening of Thursday, June 19th 2014 we will also do a live QHHT session at Dolores Cannon’s Transformation Conference in Springdale, Arkansas. Both of these presentations are free and open to the public!


This clip was just brought to my attention by friend, David Cardona. It’s called’ “Happy Makes Pharrell Cry – Tears of Joy. This song is mentioned in our clip and it’s so obvious that Pharrell’s message is pure and filled with HAPPY! :)

Much Love,

Suzanne & Ron



Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, including all links found below.

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Dolores Cannon’s website: http://www.dolorescannon.com/ Dolores developed the process of QHHT.




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