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Hello Everyone, This blog is a place where I post my own TAUK messages and where some students of TAUK have kindly allowed me to share their TAUK messages. Please browse through the messages, follow the posts if you like! I also post some of my session stories from my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) practice, with the kind approval of my clients. Both TAUK & QHHT give us the knowing, understanding and experience that all answers are truly within. 

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May your journey with TAUK be magical!

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 Hi Everyone,
I am very excited to announce that I am hosting the gifted and wonderful psychic, medium intuitive Paul Selig again in Des Moines, Iowa February 6-7, 2016; registration information is below.
He will be speaking at Plymouth Church in Des Moines to The Common Thread group on Thursday, February 4 from 7-9pm. The public is welcome to Common Thread & it is a free event.  Paul will be giving a limited number of private, 30 minute sessions on Friday, February 5th. More information is coming; you can also email me  for details. A weekend workshop with Paul and his Guides is a transformative experience, I know as this will be my third to attend. Paul masterfully channels his Guides and attunes the participants in ways that are life enhancing and changing. This year the workshop will be held at the lovely Hoyt Sherman mansion which previously hosted The Buddha Relics Loving Kindness tour. Paul’s next channeled book, “The Book of Mastery” is due out shortly before this workshop on January 5th, 2016 and can be pre-ordered now! I hope to see you there!
Much Love,

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Love & Light

October 18, 2015

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy. The topic today is on the increase of light to better illuminate truth and love on the earth plane. Read More


Hi Everyone,

I have wanted to get some TAUK messages posed but my schedule has been wild the last few weeks. Very quickly though I wanted to share this with you. This amazing YouTube clip was posted by a friend of a friend and I feel the wider reach it is given the more we may be able to decode the messages. Please share this wide and far. Read More


Hi Everyone,

I am one of those people is always looking up at the sky! I have a deep appreciation for the ever changing shifts of color and clouds. When my kids were little I told them the sky is like God’s art canvas. My family teases me about all the sunset and sky pictures I take. The one on this post I took just last night.  Read More

King Solomon

Hi Everyone!

I had the honor to give a session where the client (a practitioner & friend) had a life as a son of King Solomon. We were discussing how to achieve the level of light in the body that this client had as King Solomon’s son. The son began a conversation that carried throughout the session about the importance of her putting crystals in her water. She and I thought it might be a good suggestion for anyone who is open.

Much Love,

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cosmic connection

Part 1 can be found HERE.

Part 2:

So, what is the hope that the Southern hemisphere will do better at?

Well, it is hopefully going to bring people together in a sense that, especially with Antarctica. That continent is going to become the most important continent; despite the fact that you’re entire species discounts it as a continent, more or less right now. I understand you guys don’t see it as a living place or a place that can support life. In due time, it will become very relevant to your, to the future of your civilization altogether. And not in a scientific or mathematic sense, but literally in an ethical, intercultural sense. You are going to see all sorts of races; all sorts of peoples come together over the common issues they face on that continent. And that will serve as a template. I know your planet is warming and water levels are going to take out most of your major cities. You will not, you will not be able to escape that. And it is unfortunate there is going to be great loss of life. But the rest of your species will make sense of it and they won’t overdramatize things. (laughter) I have heard things about your planet.
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cosmic connection

One of the great parts of facilitating QHHT sessions is that I never know, once a client is in deep hypnosis, where they will go or what they will experience. Think Forrest Gump and his chocolates. However I do know that wherever they go and whatever they experience is exactly perfect to help them understand the issues that they need clarity/healing on. EVERY TIME it is that! I want to share with you today a very unique session. In this session a man in a laboratory, on a far off “terrestrial object” came to call. This wasn’t a past life of the client, it was a member of his council who wanted to share information with us. The topics included free energy experiments, his home planet of Kylox, earth changes from his perspective and expansive scientific knowledge and how strange it was to speak through my client using the odd language of earth! You just can’t make this stuff up! The client has graciously allowed me to share this session story with you. The client’s name and the man in laboratory’s name have been changed for this post. This will be the first of two parts, the second I hope to have up in the next day or two. Much gratitude goes to Scott’s girlfriend for transcribing this for us to read. <3 Read More

This will be fun! I’ll be discussing with Julia about my recent session with the Ego  AND a very interesting session where a man on another planet came through my client to chat…and gave information about the earth and free energy and so much more. Have I mentioned much I love what I do? Never a dull day! 7 pm tonight, CST and it will be archived.

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Hi Everyone!

I am so blessed to spend time sitting next to clients as they explore the part of themselves that knows all answers. They not only find the origin of their issues, illnesses and curiosities but very often they heal their own bodies. With each session I facilitate, I learn and expand my knowledge of the human and spirit condition. I like to say I have a front row seat to magnificence!  Read More


Hi Everyone,

I sat today for a TAUK message and received this unexpected announcement from my dad, Ron. I hope you’ll join me in celebration and gratitude with visualizations of love and light! Much Love, Suzanne

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