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Hello Everyone, This blog is a place where I post my own TAUK messages and where some students of TAUK have kindly allowed me to share their TAUK messages. Please browse through the messages, follow the posts if you like! I also post some of my session stories from my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) practice, with the kind approval of my clients. Both TAUK & QHHT give us the knowing, understanding and experience that all answers are truly within. 

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May your journey with TAUK be magical!

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My QHHT client, Matt has kindly allowed me to share his remarkable session story as well as use his first name. I like to say that every QHHT session is my favorite but this one is and will be a favorite for many years to come! This session changed Matt and myself. I was so blessed to facilitate it and to spend a couple hours chatting with The Elohim, The Ones whom God Speaks Through. I hope you enjoy this and the possibilities it presents. I truly believe reading these words will increase you frequency and vibration. As you may have noticed, I’ve updated the TAUK blog! I hope you find it easier to read and navigate.  Much Love, Suzanne 


He came off the cloud, not on the surface but as “loose” energy. He floated over a house and saw his current wife and kids but in different bodies. It seemed to be back several hundred years. 

He wanted to float higher and saw a black pyramid in the sky. He described an energy that recharged him coming from the pyramid. He then noticed a group of “others” near by. They welcomed him in and were described as The Council of 7, The Elohim, The Ones whom God Speaks Through. We are the voice of the Creator. We are a part of the One. He (Matt) comes from us. This started at 13 min into his session and continued through out. He would sometimes speak in first person but was still very deep. Most of the time this council spoke through him. Towards the end God spoke. My words are in parenthesis.

During his interview he brought up several times that he had this gnawing feeling in his throat and would motion as if he was bringing something up from the base of his throat up and out his mouth. He said it felt like something was there and wouldn’t move. He feels there has been an entity attached to his neck and had gone to a psychic to have it removed. Since then it had been better but still present. As he talked about the “entity” he said it was back, he could feel it. 

The one’s speaking through him said there was so much energy being contained in the throat. “They” said Matt is here to bring love and creativity. They brought up that the he thinks it is an entity. I asked them to explain what it was. Then  Matt exclaims, ” Wow, you (the entity) are me! How is that? I just love him (the entity) now. How can you not love it?” (Lots of pauses and deep breaths here.)

It was the fear of the pain he sees being expressed. That is why he holds on to it in the throat, he doesn’t want to express it. The thing on the neck; the energy took a form and syphoned off, it had to release and it had to take a form to disembody what you are. But it was just him all along. The lesson was to remove the pain from himself. And actually now he is expressing thankfulness for the entity experience. He is now giving it life. 
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Dove of Pece

Hi Everyone!

I posted this question on my TAUK  FB group and on my personal FB page. The responses have been very exciting; which leads me to compile some of these lovely comments and share on my blog. I would LOVE to hear what YOU have noticed recently! Please feel free to comment below. :) I apologize for the funky spacing…Looking at WordPress for other page options. ;-/



I’m wondering if you are noticing things around you being very symbolic or outright evident that we are in The Great Change, The Event. 

Yesterday I woke up from a dream where everyone seemed to know the announcement of star family was imminent. It wasn’t “disclosure” it was simply a raising of awareness to know what always was, NO fear. In the dream I went out to my backyard and in the sky was a huge cloud formation with several symbols. The cloud formation was being seen globally at the same time, be it night or day. On TV they were outlining the symbols so people could see them clearly. I only recall the middle and largest symbol now, it was the Great Dove of Peace, not too far off from the image here.

I drove up to visit my son at university yesterday and he mentioned he had been flipping through radio stations when he came across a conservative, fundamentalist show. The topic was about people feeling that something BIG was about to happen, something that would change everyone.

As I drove home last night, two white doves flew right in front of my car. On the QHHT Forum, which I moderate, myself and 2 others have posted this weekend about QHHT clients having experiences with The Elohim, God, Jesus, The Council of 7. SO, are any of you noticing anything??



~Your stories give me big goose bumps! So cool! I am currently being directed very specifically on my path. This has happened all my life, but it’s very strong right now. It will be interesting to see where it goes. I’m ready, willing, and able!



 ~I‘ve felt SO much energy surging over the past few days. The other night I was walking home close to sunset and suddenly everything shifted. Colors were so bright and vivid like I had never seen before. It literally stopped me in my tracks. As I was trying to comprehend the colors I was seeing a man walked up to me and said “be sure you don’t miss the sunset tonight”. I walked to the edge of the street where I could see the sunset clearly and I felt this wave of love and gratitude fill me so full that I started crying. I was so full that it felt like it was spilling out of me. Dreams have been really vivid and intense again and the energies have been so powerful during my meditations that at times I’ve felt sick to my stomach. I have a very dear friend who’s a clairvoyant and spirit medium. He texted me yesterday to ask if I could do some healing on him. He was at the gym and spontaneously started crying uncontrollably and had to go back home to just release all that was coming up. These eclipse energies are major. Read More


super conscious

This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session was with an old friend of mine. He’s a super nice business man and great family man. I’m very grateful that he has allowed me to share his QHHT journey with you. His QHHT experience was fascinating to me because of his ebb and flow from life on earth to back to the courtyard, fountain and Hall of Records and back into another life again. The purple type was what he told me as he was hypnotized,  witnessing these lives. The bold type is for the information his High Self (HS) gave pertaining to these experiences. You’ll note the different levels of information through the eyes of my client, his past life persona and his High Self. To learn more about QHHT and how you can have this magical journey through your consciousness, please visit here: Infinity Healers Website.

Much Love,

Suzanne :)

1st past life ~ He started off as a wealthy banker wearing a top hat but not connected to family or friends, just being a business man. He took a boat out on a journey with others but the boat was wrecked and he made it to the shore of a small island. He didn’t think anyone else survived. He was alone on the island for several years, he thought. Finally some natives arrived and killed him. 

I drifted him, after the scene of his death to the spirit side to find out about his lessons and purpose. He was to learn self sufficiency and to have a time of reflection about how he wasn’t connected to others in his time as a banker. He held no animosity towards those that killed him. They were protecting something they thought he would find and there was no way to communicate with the natives.  Read More

Hi Everyone,


I’ve been MIA on my blog for awhile! I’ve been traveling a lot! I’ve been on a TAUK & QHHT tour in San Francisco, Ashland, OR, New York City and assisting Dolores Cannon in Arkansas and squeezed in a great vacation. I’ve been gone more than home since January. But I am planted in Iowa for the next 8 weeks or so and I have time to share some great posts with you! A few weeks ago, Ron Head and I released our 4th update on The Event. This session had a very serious tone to it, seems we are not approaching The Event but we are IN it! I hope to have two very cool QHHT session stories posted here this weekend. I think you will really be blown away by what these subjects shared while deep in hypnosis! 


*The man mentioned in this recording is PAUL SELIG. He is a wonderful, pure channel and more about him can be found at www.Paul Selig.com.



You can see all of our Speaking with Self clips and Session recordings HERE.


Much Love,

Suzanne :)



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February 4, 2014

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel!] Hi Suzy, we want to take this time to talk about reality and reflection. Given how much time is spent on defining reality, we thought it might be helpful to examine the process of reality.

First, imagination is given life. With this magnificent tool of creation all things, thoughts and feelings are realized. This then opens the cosmos up for experience. When you love, you are creating the vibration of God. The vibration of God is the power of life.

To create a reality albeit yours, his or a dimensional reality (3-D, 5-D, etc) one takes experiences and love and sifts them through the collective consciousness. What one is left with then is either the fine filament of light or a heavier mass of release. Read More

The conversation continues. :) Session 16 is now available on the Speaking with Self website HERE



The Dead Sea Scrolls for Dummies

Originally posted on AngelicView:

AngelicView: First off, I’m not calling anyone a dummy! In case you haven’t heard of them, there is a large library of books on various (almost anything you can think of) subjects in the “for Dummies” series and “Idiot’s Guide” series. If you want to learn more about a subject, then you can check out these books. It’s like a “Cliff Notes” version of – well, anything! I have several of them. Although, I’m sure my 18 year old “Astronomy for Dummies” is pretty outdated. I’m not sure if they’re making new ones. 

Anyway, I have read the term “Dead Sea Scrolls” here and there and never really knew what they were. Today I decided to research more into them and I decided to share the information I found with you. 

I never realized that the Dead Sea Scrolls were so Christianity-centric, and so I wanted to point out (for…

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This is fun, we picked up where we left off last week, talking about our multiple selves. Since last weeks session 14, I’ve had several dreams and remembrances of “other me’s”. This is such a fun awareness to explore! When you visit the Speaking with Self website, Session15, the Intro is free to download and listen. All of Session 14 is a gift to you! We hope you enjoy and start connecting with your other aspects! ~ Suzy :)

Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:

SpeakingWithSelf_LogoSession 15 on our Speaking with Self site is now online.

The topic of this session is ‘Connecting with your other you’s so that you can learn from and assist each other’.

There is a short free introduction. Then the separate recordings are:

1)  I would like examples of how I have connected with other me’s so that I can be aware going forward to perceive this connection.

2)  Might you show me how to consciously connect with the other aspects of me? (This includes a discussion of communicating with the cells in our bodies.)

3)  Give me an example of my other aspects being aware of this aspect known as Suzanne.

4) A question from Suzanne. (A discussion of how to connect to a past life.)

You can go to this session by clicking HERE.

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Originally posted on Oracles and Healers:

spiral galaxies

Michael and the Councils of Your Higher Selves

We are here today to bring you another look at the subject we brought up in an earlier message.  That subject is the make-up of who you are, of who we are.

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I think you are going to like this! I’ve recently been bouncing some theories around in my blonde brain about quantum mechanics, the relativity to our current lives and congruent, parallel lives and multiple time lines. This stuff gets me so excited and so frustrated at the same time! I want to “get it”! :) Read More


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