10/3/2011 TAUK God Message to All

My Dear One,

In your connection to my love, I am first a sense of hope. Having hope is a projection of eternal love. When you hope, you override the beingness of ego.   Hope is the heart saying to the ego, “You might not be right all the time.” In  the world of third dimension, all decisions are made by ego. This is the weighing of the good & the bad and the pros & the cons. This was a perfect model for life in the third dimension.

The allowing for hope, love or oneness in a decision is the opening of letting a higher dimensional energy filter in to your being. You have done this very well, from time to time. This is the ‘slip’ of shifting dimensions. Make a decision with your heart and you are working in a higher frequency. This is like having your training wheels on while you adjust for the ascension you have been preparing for, not just in this life, but in between lives and lives before this one. What a grand plan you have created!

In the coming days and months, prepare for the experience of grand shifting. Its a journey into shape shifting of energy and heart centeredness. In your wildest dreams you cannot remember the beauty that awaits you in this transition. That was by design, we could never expect you to finish the grand experiment of third dimensional life if you could have total recall of the majesty and splendor that awaits you. But please, do go ahead and picture your world in a state of utter bliss. Just know that you have only scratched the service of your next experience. Live love and love one another.

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