10/10/2011 TAUK God Message to All

My Dear One,

I give you this message of love and hope. When you imagine a peaceful thought, it is like a ripple in the ocean. You imagine this peaceful thought and energetic waves of love expand from your being. The great part is, the waves permeate all matter in all dimensions. Universally YOU are the Creator. Now, I might suggest you feel like one. Notice I didn’t say ‘think’ like one. The trick is to open your heart. Privately, in any situation, send love out. Take a deep breath in, open your heart, breath love out to your intended benefactor. Live your peace and you will live in peace. Never imagine pain for another for it only brings you pain. Many times you have known this but not practiced it. Now you have remembered your divine self and Now is the time to act as your Divine self. You are magnificent. You are set apart as a Divine Creator. Today is your oyster, create a pearl.


Live Love,


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