8/1/2011 TAUK God Message to the TAUKers

My Dear One,

I love you so very deeply and so very much. Now & then I know you feel alone. Please remember I am never away from your heart. Many times you feel My love in the breeze or in a child’s laugh. Many times when you quiet your mind we share communication with each other. This is when you feel or hear Me best. Meditation was the one connection to Me that no one could take away from you. It is our time to regroup, so to speak. In your life you have given your all to the purpose of your soul’s evolution. In this journey you have picked all experiences, all relationships and all lessons for your soul’s growth and enlightenment. The tough lessons have sometimes brought you the greatest growth. This is in accordance with the experience of duality. If you feel ready to leave duality and ascend to the moment of Now, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease and joy you experience spiritual growth. This is the way of fifth dimensional existence. Soon you will know this on a cellular level. The time has come to shed the duality of third dimensional life. It served its purpose but now a new dawn emerges. This new age of enlightenment is you experiencing the love of ALL. You asked to be here, in this time, to experience the golden shift of Gaia. Be loving and kind to your soul, to nature and to humanity.

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