8/7/2011 TAUK God Message to All

My Dear One,

You are My love and light in human form. Give Me this moment to share with you an understanding of the chaos you are witnessing in your world.

The governments have long been protected, financially, by an ultra-secretive group called the Illuminati. This has been ‘business as usual’ for centuries. The process of few having so much power over many was imagined and lovingly agreed to and instilled to experience duality.

The duality experience was created in the divine love that all dimensions are created. Under the laws of duality, all souls have the opportunity to give and take and grow in an unprecedented spiritual way. This opportunity for universal connection is manifested with love of God & Creator. You are the expressions of God in human form that requested to witness the end of duality on Earth.

The chaos you are witnessing are the governments initiating a new dawn. This new dawn is why you came to Earth. Be loving and kind to yourself and to all during these days of transition. The best belief, during the chaos, is one of love and peace for all. Very quickly, you will see a grand restructuring of the global financial systems. This is the beginnings of NESARA and fifth dimensional life on Earth. This opens portals to your universal family. This family loves you and is here to assist you and teach you about many wondrous things. Universal family, like your Earth family, have many noble characteristics. The understanding that all are one is only the beginning of this next great leap for mankind. You are the magnificent creation of My imagination. Find your heart open to receive news of your galactic family and welcome them and their gifts with open arms. 

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