8/14/2011 TAUK God Message to All

My Dear One,

Give me a moment to vanquish the interpretation of God only loving the souls who follow the religious rules of any certain denomination. The information brought forth by religious leaders who claim to represent ‘the one true religion’ is only the belief of an ideology that supports duality. This experience was requested by the collective to assist in the soul growth in the beingness of duality. Very soon there will be a new request imagined (created, manifested) to support the experience of the Golden Age. The request is to experience the moment of Now in the higher dimensions of existence. The love is in place to support this request. Not all souls wish to experience this reality and are best served in other dimensions. The process to ascend into the higher dimensions is a deliberate choice that a soul has chosen to make in the interests of the greater good. The souls who chose not to ascend at this time, also make the free will decision for the greater good. In your heart is the belief that you are God experiencing the individual self. This too, was chosen for the greater good. The Now moment is the singular experiencing the totality of God. This is the way of a soul’s journey. Universally, all souls are valued equally. The positioning of love and acceptance is the delicate undertaking of the moment of Now. Will you partake in the ascension that is close at hand? Listen to your heart and know you will make your decision for your greater good. The decision isn’t a race to the enlightened finish line. It is simply Me, experiencing you, experiencing Me in the grandest fashion. The only One in the race is You.

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