9/17/2011 TAUK God Message to All

* I actually had some questions after this message and I have left them attached.



My Dear One,

So, you and I will work together in a unified partnership of love. Might say we are a nation unto ourselves. We will express our truth and our beliefs in a way that lets all others exercise their greater good and the greater good of all in an open and respectful way. We give our heartfelt hope for universal brotherhood. We stand united with our family of all nations and all dimensions that our extended family of One is willing to love one another and experience true peace on Earth. The agreement you make with this accord is in alignment with your free will. Let it be known through your heartfelt energy if this accord is in your belief system. May you imagine your divine purpose with ease.


What is this?? This is the Ascension Accord of Universal Oneness. This is yours to share with the world.


Is this the Ascension Accord that was mentioned in my earlier messages? No, this is an individual accord. The governments are dragging their feet. This is an energetically coded declaration of peace that anyone can proclaim. The energy behind this intention will move the governments.


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