9/10/2011 TAUK God Message to All

My Dear One,


You, being you, is all that you need to do to be happy. So many times you have felt like you have needed to do things that you hate in order to get to the good stuff; like drinking awful medicine in order to go play with your friends. In other words, happiness must have a trade off.


I am here to say that is not so. You were created out of pure joy. In a brief glimpse of your totality, you have chosen lifetimes of duality. You experience the highs & lows, the right & wrong, the winning & the losing. Here is the fertile ground that tells you that you must toil long & hard to receive the fruits of your labor.


I want you to be fully aware that you need not play by these rules any longer. The game has changed to a win-win. Find what makes you happy and let the happiness guide you. Open your heart to finding ways to allow more joy in your life. Release your ego and hardwire your brain to your heart. Quite quickly you will observe changes in your life that support love. This is a new game called Oneness. You are the star, the coach and the water boy. Live Love.


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