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Hi Everyone!  Ron and I just put our 11th session on our Speaking with Self website! The topic was giving thanks for the work being done on humanity’s behalf. We asked many questions about the power and purpose of gratitude, in this the week of Thanksgiving in the U.S.  As I finished TAUKing through the topic and four questions for the session, I asked if there was anything else. My pendulum spelled out,… Read More

Hi Everyone! Ron and I had our 10th QHHT session this week for our Speaking with Self website this week. “The Event” YouTube clip that came from our 9th session has generated some interest, thank you for sharing the message! So, as we began the 10th session, I knew we would touch base on that topic but of course, wasn’t sure where it would go. I, like a lot of you, want to… Read More

From Suzanne & Ron: We want to share with you something that happened this week in our 9th session for our Speaking with Self website; a wonderful, detailed understanding of what is being called “The Event”. We don’t want to delay getting this video out, although there is some text that needs to be added (found below). If you enjoy the video and share it and we thoroughly hope you do; please… Read More

Originally posted on AngelicView:
By Graham Hancock Pictures added by AngelicView Here’s the full text of the article Russell Brand kindly invited me to contribute to last week’s issue of the New Statesman. The article, entitled The War on Consciousness, had to be shortened to fit the space available in the magazine, but I reproduce the complete unedited text here. Consciousness is one of the great mysteries of science – perhaps the greatest…