It is Now Time to Play BIG ~ A TAUK Message from Rabios and Suzanne Spooner


Hello Everyone,

Very rarely in my TAUK messages my guide Rabios comes through. When he does though they are always deep concepts, at least for me, haha. His energy feels very formal. I imagine him as an English chap who doesn’t cut up much, very on task for what he is here to share. He says he has never incarnated in a human body. His messages aren’t sugar coated as this one demonstrates. It may be challenging to accept the responsibility that he suggests but I think it certainly is worth contemplating. I hope you enjoy this one, you Master Creators! Much Love, Suzy

November 13, 2014

[Hi Rabios.] Hello Suzanne. Being in your light is how you manifest easiest. This will be our topic today. Finding what brings you joy is The Way of Love. If you give yourself permission to do what brings you joy, you will find that all the universe will conspire to work with you.

Just be yourself seeing and feeling joy in an activity you like. Focus on the ease of the activity. Open your mind to the probability that life is meant to be joyful. Give gratitude for your life and all the experiences you have brought forth.

Have some of those experiences been unpleasant? You asked for that. Have some been exciting? You asked for that, too. Until you take total responsibility that in complete agreement you brought on every experience you have had, you will not fully understand the mastery of manifestation.

It no longer serves humanity to blame others. You are a Master Creator playing yourself very small when you blame outside forces for your experiences. Picture your Master Creator self at a drawing board. Imagine giving yourself a lesson to learn. Now, the creativity is there to imagine infinite ways to learn your lesson.

As a human, until very recently, you created in a filter of duality. It was a universal lesson in creating  this way that every soul who has incarnated on earth agreed to prior to each incarnation. You asked to learn lessons on the spectrum of good and bad to experience creation in duality. Oh the drama! The highest highs, the lowest lows; the ability to blame others for your problems. I know the ability to truly accept this is difficult. “I had a part in creating mass murder?” Yes. “I had a part in inventing war scenarios?” Yes. “I had a part in helping others find food and shelter?” Yes. “I had a part in supporting souls who incarnated with the express intent of elevating humanity?” Yes.

Be in your power. It is now time to play BIG. Express your truth with joy, sincerity and love. Bring to you the experiences that serve you in your highest, greatest way. Feel your purposeful intent with decisions you make. Give yourself the knowledge that you are the Master Creator. Be yourself in this filter of truth. 

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