How Do You Stay in “THAT” (Peaceful & Connected) State of Mind? ~ By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

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Hi Everyone!

I received an email asking how I stay in that peaceful and connected state of mind. As my family & friends can attest I don’t always stay in this state, ha! But I do navigate back to it more easily than I once did. Clarity use to be like a rare four leaf clover to me! This lovely woman shared how she stumbled onto my TAUK website, then onto Speaking with Self and had a profound recent experience with the energy of Dolores Cannon. This made me wonder about how you and others get or stay connected to your inner guidance. 🙂 I’ve removed the personal parts to this email but will share with you what works for me and would love to hear back what works for you! We all learn from each other!

Peace and Love,


My reply to an email: 

It’s so wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Life is a huge synchronicity when our eyes and heart are open! I’m so glad you stumbled on to TAUK and Speaking with Self. That time with Ron was very profound and fun! God and I had a lot of giggles in sessions. 🙂 

I too did that process of opening a book and asking to be shown what I needed to be shown. For me it was during  a horrific divorce and the book was Neale Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God. I found that every time I opened the book, it was exactly what I needed to know at the time. This happened over and over! I soon came to realize that either this was a spot on way of getting advice or my life was so messed up….It ALL applied to my fractured life! haha. It feels good to joke about it now. 🙂

To answer your question, I don’t always stay in this state of mind but since TAUK happened to me back in 2009, I have learned how to be in this state more often and more easily. For me it has to do with my TAUK formula and using it to keep my vibration and frequency high. In that way, even when stressful things happen, I don’t react in a negative way…More detachment or observation perhaps. I see the love and joy around me more easily when I’m connected in with my formula. I’m not sure how much you know about TAUK and the process. But in order to keep the vibration and frequency high, I and those who TAUK have a “formula” or a list of beautiful statements to work through with their pendulum. Every formula is unique and as a person works through their list, the High Self is clearing what no longer serves the person and downloading what the person could use to be more connected to their HS or Source. Once they work through their formula many have told me they just feel better! That is because of the elevation of their frequency and vibration. (You know what this feels like…When you are in a bad mood and something crappy happens, you look at the situation probably in a more negative way. When the same thing happens but you are in a wonderful mood, you probably don’t react so negatively, like water rolling off a ducks back.) 

Once I (or others) have worked through our formula I then use my TAUK chart and pendulum to receive a message. With my vibration and frequency adjusted I then get very pure and loving messages and insight back. It’s a win-win! 🙂 TAUK is just “a” way to elevate. Others use meditation, visualization or their own process. I’ve known people who have similar experiences to yours of those several days of clarity only to have their ‘old’ reality come back. I think that’s because learning how to get back to the blissful, connected state is part of our journey from waking up from a LONG slumber of forgetfulness. 

The good news is so many others like you and me are waking up now and can see this new earth that is already all around us. We just have to adjust our frequency ~ like a radio and tune in! 

Much Love,


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5 Comments on “How Do You Stay in “THAT” (Peaceful & Connected) State of Mind? ~ By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. lovely explanation, Suzanne! I much enjoyed reading this, and I totally agree. The key is in keeping the vibration as high as possible, thus giving one’s self that utter clarity found in God/Source. And being humans going through the Great Shift, it takes practice, practice and more practice! I myself use many modes, ie. meditation of various kinds, prayer, quigong, reiki, yoga, etc….but it’s quite another thing to access that skill/knowledge on-the-spot! That’s where training comes in handy.

    I must say….I am liking this TAUK thing more and more – you present it in such an engaging way! Thank you, and many blessings to you! 🙂

    • Thank you! I agree with you, practice is the key!

      LOVE this: I myself use many modes, ie. meditation of various kinds, prayer, quigong, reiki, yoga, etc….but it’s quite another thing to access that skill/knowledge on-the-spot! That’s where training comes in handy.

      TAUK is a way of connecting, certainly not the only, but for many it really assists them. It’s taken me lots of practice with my messages and TAUK. I’m always refining and exploring. 🙂

      Much Love,

  2. interesting that I opened this this morning……………just what I needed. The holidays always bring a bit of memories that sometimes can put one in a funk…………….just had that experience. For the most part, life has begun to turn around. Symbolically when that giant ball turns and falls down in Times Square I am going to feel totally liberated from 2014. ahahaha What a year!!! What a challenge!! What learning………in the end…… was good stuff.



    • I hear you, Joyce! I was just thinking how very fast time has moved this year..Or we’ve moved through it quickly! 🙂 Happy 2015!! ❤

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