11/14/2011 TAUK God Message to All; Shifting to Higher Dimensions

My Dear One,

May I commend your energetic body with its shift in frequency and its alignment with Now. Portals are now established and open for your & Gaia’s ascension into 4th, 5th & higher dimensions. In the collective consciousness an energetic shift was experienced in the days leading to 11/11/11 and in the days following. Your physical and mental bodies experienced a download that could be felt as bliss, as depression or neutrality and everything in between. Each individual soul had a different experience. How best for One to experience All? Your soul was well aware of the necessary downloads and the necessary feelings that accompanied them. Now you have the software in place to become your new hybrid self of light & love. In your newly activated DNA You will begin to see the given knowledge of your rightful place in the cosmos as a Divine Creator. Experiment with delight and joy. Feel these emotions even and especially when you normally would not. Notice a switch that gets activated inside you when you do this. This is an open invitation to experience fifth dimensional life. Give yourself permission to be in joy often and then always. Have new eyes for the world around you. See the new colors and filter the higher dimensions through your new eyes. It’s all in front of you & surrounding you. It’s only a matter of adjusting the frequency of your inter-dimensional radio. Put your head phones on and rock out!

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