Part1 ~ From My High Self on the Convergence of Timelines on 12/21/12, Gaia’s Birth ~ Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK ~ 1/26/12

Jan 26, 2012

Prilon, my High Self

[Hello Prilon!] Hi Suzy, I have stepped back into the heavenly dimensions so that you can concentrate on the matters at hand. [Yes, we had been working on the modules for the Ascension Class.] Yes but in your dimension of 3-D, things are changing very rapidly.

In your messages are coded frequencies that assist the readers to prepare for the convergence. [Can you explain to me about the convergence?] Yes, the convergence is the melding of timelines and this belief is what will occur on the date of 12/21/12. It will plunge the Earth into darkness for a period of 2-3 days. In this time the Earth’s axis will shift, the poles will move, Gaia will be born into a higher frequency and the inhabitants will ascend with her. 

In this time of darkness, some who choose to leave their bodies will continue on in another 3-D reality. This experience in some cases will be very similar to the current Earth reality.  It will be as if they have woken up from a long nap, to find everything pretty much the same. It is their wish to continue in this way.

Others will imagine themselves back in the frequency of heaven. These souls prefer to release their bodies to continue their paths.

Only those who wish to ascend with Gaia will awaken from the slumber and be in their bodies but with an evolutionary upgrade. This upgrade is how you will experience the higher fifth dimensions as Gaia’s first generation. In this experience, duality will be non-existent. There will be a group energy that will assist inhabitants to make decisions based on the greater good of all. Individuals will automatically make decisions that will support the whole, not the one. This will make life for everyone much easier. No more greed or corruption as it simply will not be able to co-exist with this frequency. A new system will be in place for assisting all aspects of daily life. This may take some time to get up and running, but this is seen as a few hours to days. Be certain all is well during this transition.

The planet is ready and this shift is supported by all levels of vibration. Give this message to the tribe first, then to the masses. The tribe, other channelers, speakers, voices of discontent are all trumpet blowers to this birth.

From Suzanne: The days of darkness may be metaphorical, literal, I have no idea. Also, I think this event is truly indescribable. I am sure this message and others like it are only scratching the surface! ♥ Also, this point of view from  TAUK group, Face Book member, Dennis Monckton Thanks so much Suzanne for this wonderful message. I’ve always felt like we would have a magnetic pole shift. During that time due to it’s affect on our brains we would loose all our 5 senses. Our brains would adapt to the new polarity on the earth over a period of yes 3 days. Without senses it would be dark. After that we would all be living in Unity consciousness. That is how I envisioned the shift. ~ Thanks Dennis!



19 Comments on “Part1 ~ From My High Self on the Convergence of Timelines on 12/21/12, Gaia’s Birth ~ Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK ~ 1/26/12

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  3. so what if you mum and brother don’t ascend , won’t you wake up shocked and distressed, with all these families split up? It could be your father and sister, or any combination who either do or don’t ascend, but between now and that date — I truly cannot imagine there is time for the consciousness changes required?

    • Hi Jane, I trust that in this process we will understand the free will decisions made by ourselves and others from a very high level. Therefore if a family member of friend made the free will choice to not ascend at this time, I think with having the big picture understood, we would bless and honor their decision with love. I think there is infinite love from God and Creator to allow all souls to make the choice of what is best for their soul’s growth. I am sure all is in perfect order. ~Suzanne

  4. Hi Suzanne!
    Very well that I can communicate whit you!
    I have a series of question that I not find information about…
    First in the message that you give to us, Prilon say:
    “some who choose to leave their bodies will continue on in another 3-D reality” . I want know if all the soul that want to do so, where they “woken up from a long nap”, here in this Gaia or in another planet, in a totally NEW life in another body?
    I think that is an very interesting aspect to know before this question be a reality.

    Please answer to me Suzanne.

    Best regard

    Jörgen H. of H a Lightworker more.

    • Hi Jorgen! Thank you for your question. If I understand it correctly you are asking if those who choose to remain in a 3-D reality will transition with their current body? The answer I believe, is yes and no. This would be a choice made in the best interest of each soul. The details, and even the big picture of such an event are almost incomprehensible, as we haven’t had an experience like this to compare it to. In my perception I am just staying open and allowing for the highest good of humanity and Gaia. I feel blessed to receive one point of view through my channeled messages but always leave open the possibilities for others! 🙂 I hope that assist’s you. ~Suzanne

      • Certainly you has not answer any of my question Suzanne whit satisfaction. Sorry!

        Please…, I think that I need an answer from the Galactic Confederation. I want, IF for you is possible contact with them and take all the question to them.

        Best regards

        Jörgen H. of H.

  5. Hello…I just read your posting and wanted to share that years ago (within the last 8 years) I was informed about a three day of darkness arriving. I have been keeping my eyes open and watching for signs of this occurance. You have confirmed for me with this message that it is indeed going to happen. As you say, is it metaphorical, real or what? In my own opinion, I think the three days of darkness will be “darkness” in the sense of still being awake, but in a void. So there will be no egoic thinking rather we will be totally in the moment and all experiences will be like floating in space…where time stands still. I am starting to have such experiences only momentarily though. Perhaps in preparation for the three days of darkness. There is so much going on so fast…hard to keep up with. I also believe that everyone has a path and those who have not chosen to ascend will either continue to live in the 3D aspects and have difficulties in the “new world” or will transition to back to spirit. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hellow Suzanne,

    So according to this information, the actual ascension will happen on the 21st, and goes on through three days? and everyone who chooses to ascend will ascend? Also, due to the geographical chaos, wouldn’t some people who choose to ascend could die accidently?

  7. Hello Suzanne!
    I wait for an answer.
    I hope that you can communicate with the Galactic Confederation, so you can answer my questions, that for me and many more are very, very important.

    If all the soul must desire between 3D or 5D and we say that you desire stay in the 3D, you will:

    Question number 1: continuous be here in Gaia or in another planet?

    If this election do, that you must move to another planet in another place in to the Universe, this fact do that you:

    Question number 2: Must move in a totally NEW life in another NEW body?

    Namaste, Jörgen H. of H.

    • Hi Jorgen, I simply cannot TAUK through every question each person asks of me. It wouldn’t leave much time in my day for other things, I hope you understand. Also, I am not a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation of Light. Others like Greg Giles and Laura Tyco do. Naturally I cannot speak for them if they answer questions or not. I think our purpose is to get the information out the best that we can and to allow the readers to decipher what feels right or not. ~ Suzanne

      • HI Suzanne!
        Yes I understand…but maybe you can send my question to Greg Giles or/and Laura Tyco?

        This would be wonderful!

        But… thanks any way!

        Jörgen H. of H.

  8. I apologise for posting off topic here, but freedom of speech and the internet is incredibly important, how is suzanne going to deal with her site now that ACTA HAS BEEN MADE LAW…A sad day for freedom of speech.

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