The Council of Twelve Channeled by Ann Anderson ~ Just Do It! ~ 1/30/12

‎[Hello. This is Ann. Would someone like to chat with me today?]Yes. Hello, Ann. This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello to you this fine day. We always enjoy our little talks. Thank you for inviting us in to your life today.

[Thank you! You are always welcome to visit me.]

Good! What would you like to discuss?

[There is an article today in The New York Times about the search for ETs. Is this part of a trickle of information about disclosure?]

Oh, yes. Most certainly. The public is being prepared for this history-making event. You will see more and more references to off-planet life as the days go on – various articles about other planets, the components of life, what ET life might look like – none of these reports will be terribly accurate, but that’s not their purpose. We are seeding the idea in broad swaths that we are here. Don’t forget that you are on the cutting edge of thought. Although you and your friends take our existence for granted (and by “us” we mean any being not human or incarnate), big segments of the world population think such a thing is bunk. So there is work to do, and the work is being done.

You can help. We have talked about this before: Take every opportunity to discuss the ET presence calmly and confidently. You know your friends and neighbors better than we do. Your ability to communicate is an important tool for us. Look, the whole reason for making contact with us is to help humanity grow. If you go ahead and grow on your own, the whole process of planetary ascension is faster and more pervasive. Do you understand? We’re telling you to be proactive in all that you do. Passivity is Piscean. This is the age of Aquarius. You can move forward at your own pace.

[Move forward spiritually, you mean?]
No, we mean in every area of your life. What’s the slogan? Just do it!

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