Ann Anderson & The Council of Twelve ~ Life is a Joyride ~ 1/23/12

We are the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello to you and good morning. We hope you enjoy this day.

There is no such thing as an ordinary day. Every day is extraordinary and you are here to participate and to witness it. Every day is a chance to learn, grow, be, do, act, think, change, appreciate, give, get, love and be loved. How amazing is that? And no day is ever the same as the one before or ahead of it. 

How many days you will experience in this lifetime is up to you. You have made an estimate of the length of life you will lead before your incarnation, but the actual moment of departure is up to you, even if it appears to be accidental or for some other reason. We choose. We choose it all.

How complex is the web of life with so many entities choosing all over the place! You’d need a master computer to figure out all the permutations of karmic interactions and possible outcomes, and guess what? You are that computer! The Universe is the main brain behind it all, and you are a part of that machinery of computation. You can operate optimally or not. Sometimes things don’t go well or according to plan, and then adjustments are made in the next planning session for the next life. It all works out, though.

The goal is transformation, growth, knowledge, experience. And lest we forget, FUN! It’s a joyride, life. Throw your hands in the air and let the rollercoaster take you on a ride. You needn’t fear for your safety. You’re going to die some day of something, so don’t worry about it. Your life is eternal, and you get to go on the rides as many times as you wish, in a brand new body and a fresh view of things. It’s a pretty good system, if you ask us.

Have a good January 23, 2012. It’s the only one there is! With appreciation, the Council of Twelve.

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