A Chat with God ~ Channeled By Suzanne Spooner via TAUK ~ 1/22/12

January 22, 2012


[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, you are my love filled angel. [Thank you!] I hope that you know that. [I love you too God. Sometimes I have to admit I don’t know what I was thinking to incarnate in this place and time. This place is nuts sometimes!!] LOL. I know, sometimes you wonder why you chose to incarnate into this life. May I remind you? [Yes, that would be appreciated.] 

You, I and Gabriel had a meeting prior to this life. We imagined how your energy could assist the masses. You devised a body that you wished to inhabit. We picked the life lessons you would benefit from. We opened your heart with love and divine wisdom. We gave you family and friends whom you would recognize on this plane as your comrades.

Next we explained this choice would be a difficult one. The lowering of your density, the life of a third dimensional human, the grounding that was necessary for you to exist; all of this was carefully weighed by us All. For awhile you sat on the fence, it was a lot to ask of any soul. However you decided that this opportunity was one not to be missed. You asked for a special project and we imagined The Art of Universal Knowing. This is what truly tipped the scales in your decision to incarnate.

In your connection to the angelic realm, higher levels of communication were normal. In this knowing was an ability to remind others of their divine right to connect into this frequency of love.

You took the challenge, wiped your memory of the infinite love that supports you and incarnated into your current family. The request to fulfill your life’s purpose was taken very seriously. On the hope that you would remember your heavenly experience, we would nudge you from time to time.

Soon your appetite for the free minded experience of the new age was in place. You shed false beliefs that you had learned, you imagined that one day others would seek you with the knowing that they could re-learn their divine connection. In the midst of your experience, the Earth was going to ascend and your connection to others would expand with the internet. In your being was placed the code of God’s love, as is in all beings. This activated, you manifested TAUK and the rest is history.


4 Comments on “A Chat with God ~ Channeled By Suzanne Spooner via TAUK ~ 1/22/12

  1. Your explaining the details of your experience is much appreciated. Sometimes, I think I’ve read the high-level discussion without the details which explain what the theory is about! Thank you for your words and effort! Vera Ellen Rich

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