A Chat with My Life Coaches, God & Jesus ~ A Channeled Message By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK 7/24/12

Hello to my dear readers! I have taken a bit of a break from posting here while I downloaded and prepared for the next phase of my adventure called life! I just returned from a week long class with the beautiful Dolores Cannon. If you haven’t heard of Dolores, she is the pioneer of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I’ll add a link to her website. There are also many clips and interviews of her on Youtube. She has written many fascinating books on her life’s work as a past life regressionist. As I settled in back home today I sat to fulfill some TAUK orders and then felt the nudge to receive a TAUK message. My great life coaches, God & Jesus came through in their delightful and loving way to offer a suggestion in how I can put my understandings to work. How nice is that?? 🙂 This is one of the reasons why I love TAUK so much. It is such a kind and lovely tool to clarify life choices. I choose to put this personal message on the TAUK blog to demonstrate how each of us have a divine connection to the All. ~ Yours in kind service, Suzanne  


July 24, 2012

God & Jesus


[Hello God & Jesus!] Hello Suzy dear. Open your mind to a new idea. many people are waking up and TAUK gives them a way to imagine their divine connection to All. This you know.


However, you were guided to Dolores’ (Cannon) class and may we share our thoughts on where this may lead? [yes, PLEASE!] However you decide to use this knowledge is up to you, naturally.


We would like to plant a seed. Now is the time to be getting your knowledge refined. In the coming months, many will seek a way to tap into the super conscious. Putting your shingle out as a TAUK teacher and a QHH (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) practitioner will give you two great tools to assist the masses.


You will refine the QHH while you practice and then you will be in a position to offer connection on multiple levels. Picture your office with a line of souls waiting to connect to their subconscious, High self, super conscious, angels and loved ones. This will be a ‘connection’ office of the highest order.


Ron is here now. [Hi Dad!!] hi Suzy. The connection office is well staffed from this side! [How nice is that?!] On your side we recommend bringing on a second QHH practitioner. This lovely soul is in process with her decision to learn QHH so you may start without her while she gets up to speed. However you wish to proceed is blessed by us. May you follow your heart, dear Zippy.


[Thank you Dad!! I love you very, very much! Can you stick around to answer some questions?] Yes. [During the past life regression I experienced this week, I was a young, adult male hunter, perhaps in the Amazon. It seemed you were my grandfather, the elder of the tribe. Can you give anymore information to me or clarify the experience further?] That was correct, Suzy. In that time, we lived in an area known as a forest of the gods. This was in the jungle of Central America and the term ‘forest’ was used by the tribe to signify the high vibration of our area. This was in the mountainous region of what is known as Venezuela. Our connection was deep as teacher and student. The love we have for each other is infinite. I had many students in the tribe and you were my grandson. We innately knew in the village how to live in harmony with nature and ourselves. In the near future you will explore these teachings in your TAUK messages and in QHH. All is on track with the Divine plan.


Dolores Cannon’s website: http://www.dolorescannon.com/

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