The Council of Twelve ~ Channeled by Ann Anderson ~ Be the Buddha

My sweet friend, Ann Anderson and I were messaging this morning and I asked if she had heard from The Council of Twelve whom she TAUKs with. She said she would check in with them. I asked her to give them my love and here is what she returned with. I love the infinite wisdom the C of 12 give and so look forward to hearing from them! Thank you Ann for allowing me to share your message. ~ Suzanne


EarthWe are the Council of Twelve. We are in the process of overseeing the growth of your race, that is humanity. We are part of you, we are also separate, but only in perspective. 

Picture yourself high above the Earth, looking down. We have such a remove from the daily difficulties of life. We have compassion for everyone because the daily round of food, shelter, work, family, is hard for everyone, no exceptions. Life is supposed to be a challenge. You are all here for the game of it, for the learning, the experience, the fun and also the sorrow and the pain. 

When you agreed to come in, you looked forward to the pain! You wanted to understand more about life, creation, what it means to be alive, to be human on a planet with free will and hunger and the need to kill animals for food, to defend one’s property, to figure out ways to co-exist without war. 

For millennia, war has been the solution. But now you are mature as humans, most of you, enough of you, to find a more enlightened path. This is the work of the way-showers, to demonstrate peaceful solutions to conflict. Do so in your every day dealings and much will be accomplished. 

You do not have to be a world player, on the stage of importance and media and all that. Be yourself in your own circumstances – enlightened. Be the Buddha on the bus, in the store, at the park. Feel what others are saying with your spidey senses. Listen with your heart, not just your ears. Think with your gut, not just your brain. Be whole. Be happy. Live and do not fret. 

Let the troubles of the world flow past you like sticks in a stream. Just watch them flow by. Do not engage, unless it is to offer specific assistance in specific situations. By all means, stay abreast, but do not identify with the world’s problems. Identify with your own enlightenment and determination to glow. That is all we ask. It is all that is required. We love you all. And Suzy, silly girl, we see you every day. Hello to you, too.


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4 Comments on “The Council of Twelve ~ Channeled by Ann Anderson ~ Be the Buddha

  1. Much Graditude to you Suzi & Anne for this Most uplifting message fr the Council , I Love You All. It Is not easy but never too difficult…..Light overcomes the momentary distractions…. as does Trust in The process of
    The Divine Plan. All is Perfect. My Dear Brothers & Sisters Please Be in your KNowing!! ❤ :-))

  2. It’s so great to hear from Ann and The Council again. They got right to the heart of what we’re dealing with here, and I love messages that do that. The totally get the daily grind!!

  3. Beautiful message indeed, Suzanne. Gratitude to AA for sharing it with us.
    Sending much love and Reiki blessings to All of You,

  4. Love the message – our star friends need to oversee us beings. Me just wonder my way along the fun path and learning what I can and always wanting to know more and more and more and more and more

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