My QHHT Session; I Get to be the Client! By Suzanne Spooner

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Hello to my lovely readers,

This weekend my super sweet QHHT partner, Susan Thomas, treated me to a QHHT session! I was the client this time! Now, it’s easy for me to be the practitioner, I do this 2-4 times a week. I explain how easy it is to be guided into this wonderful space of exploring the bigger YOU. I talk about how the client’s High Self or Subconscious will pick the past lives or other experiences and will answer every question they bring into the session with them. That the client just needs to go with it and get out of their own way, aka quieting their ego. For the client that has a challenge letting go, I tell them that they may have the idea that they are making it all up! That is the crafty ego trying to dismiss the experience and information they are seeing. I know this beautiful process of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy quite well. 

So. I am confessing here that I am a terrible client! I constantly question if I am making up what I am seeing and relaying to my patient partner. That said, when I listen to my recording of the session, I KNOW there is no way I could make up what I report. I just simply don’t have the knowledge in my conscious mind. Even the sound of my voice changes, a common occurrence by the way. I once had a client who experienced a life in Ireland. Her Irish brogue was so delightful to listen to!  

What did I find out in my session? Well, I seem to have a few lives where I was the student of esoteric knowledge. I’ve had one life as a male Amazon hunter during the time of the Conquistadors and two as females in Europe. In this male life, I was given great knowledge by the tribes medicine man and used it to protect my village and live in harmony with nature until those dang Conquistadors showed up.

During one of the female lives I was involved with a man of great power within the church. I ‘knew’ many things that would have labeled me a heretic. So what does my love do? He takes the information that I give him and presents it to the masses as his own. He becomes even more powerful as his followers believe he has very special insight as a great holy man. I remember the feeling of agitation that even though I loved him deeply, he was using my gifts to promote himself. I will throw him a bone as he probably saved me from an unpleasant death by keeping my abilities private. 

During yesterday’s session, I found myself as a young girl named Marcella whose family looked after a substantial track of land and were the overseers and protectors of the villagers. When asked if she had a title, I felt the emotion of her words that she did not take a title, that her family practiced benevolence and would not label themselves above others.  She loved everyone in her village family.  She explained that her father practiced alchemy and with this knowledge came the ability to place a shield around their land to keep peace. The image I saw in my mind was like a clear bubble over the landscape. He knew how to make gold! And when supplies were needed or the occasional bribing of a neighboring official was needed, he could produce gold to keep the peace for his village. Kind of a middle-ages way of sticking it to the man! 

I saw a scene when I was 3 or 4 and had just woken up and was telling my mother and my nurse about a dream that I had. In that dream I was given secret knowledge that no one my age could know or understand. By the looks on my mother & nurses faces, I knew it was a big revelation I shared with them. From that point I had a ‘teacher’, a very wise man who had also taught my parents as youngsters in the ways of this secret knowledge. I grew up with my nurses’ son as my best friend and he would eventually become an  abbott who transcribed my visions into books. Coincidentally, I would go into trance and relay to him what I saw. I knew at that moment that this work with QHHT is something I am familiar with.  The abbott made the point to call the books ‘our’ books. He wanted credit for his contribution of writing. I tease him he would have nothing to write if it wasn’t for my visions. We loved to tease one another!  

I was asked by Susan if the books still existed in present time. I felt myself scanning through time to find the answer. No, they had been destroyed hundreds of years after my death. BUT, what wasn’t known was that they still existed on a vibrational level! Marcella explained that this is what those who destroy don’t understand. That all knowledge is available in a vibrational blue print and is accessible by those who can hold that vibration. Images  flew through my minds eye along through humanity’s timeline of Egypt and The Cathor’s of France and all knowledge & tradition burned or destroyed. It all still exists! 

I left that life as a young woman. I had traveled to a neighboring village to extend peace and was poisoned along with my protector, to throw my father off balance so the neighboring land owners could take control. I saw myself out of the body, flying back to my home and feeling how much I wanted to ‘see’ everything one last time. My mother, very perceptive, ‘saw’ me and knew my life was finished there. My lessons had been benevolence and enlightenment. 

We went to my planning session for this current life of Suzanne. I had a wonderful visit with my late father and then we brought forth my High Self to answer our lists of questions. Susan asked how we, as practitioners, could assist clients who come into a session saying that they don’t think they can be hypnotized or that they won’t be able to get their left brian, Mr. Ego, out of the way. I was particularly paying attention in the back ground as I seemed to be this very client! It said, ” Tell these clients that their thoughts and words are very powerful! And if that is truly what they believe, a session will be more challenging. There is nothing that they can be shown or given that can hurt them. If they can just play with it, and allow for the right brain to run the show, then they will get out of their own way.  All that awaits them is deeper understanding and knowledge that can assist them on their path. Why would they block that?” I was listening!! 

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3 Comments on “My QHHT Session; I Get to be the Client! By Suzanne Spooner

  1. Thank you for sharing Suzanne. Enjoyed every bit of it. I’m now reading the second book of Dolores Cannon and more to come. Diving deep in to the subject of past life regression. It is one of the important topics that helps me to overcome my rational mind that is very strong always trying to talk me out of this, what I belive with my heart. You are doing a great job Suzanne. Thank you

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