AI and the Advancement of Humankind ~ A God Message by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


November 26, 2017

[Hi God.] Hi Suzy. Today let’s talk about the advancement of Humankind. [THAT is not a small subject for a Sunday morning.] It is not. I know you have been wondering how the human experience fits into a world that is rapidly moving to a technology based society. [Yes. It seems to me that with this rapid change (AI) there isn’t even time to hold on to memories or know how to move forward as individuals.] It is a feeling of discombobulation. But it is also nothing to fear.

These times on earth are similar to other periods of great growth. What is different is the knowing that all is a cycle of independent and collective growth.

The collective has created so much growth in a short time that many have completely changed how they viewed their lives and and how they change others. [I’m picturing sand on a surface that is moved by frequency and vibration to form sacred geometry.] Yes, that is a great analogy. Each grain of sand is separate but can work together, knowingly or not, to form a greater & more concise whole.

The earth scenario is very much about extreme experiences. In your lifetime you came into a time of very little technology available to a time when all will be a technological being. This is a time of great change for sure.

It is not bad or good, it Is. Like all earth experiences the individual feels the need or not to explore, change, enhance. A person advancing AI is only serving their soul’s growth. Another choosing to be unconnected from all technology is also serving their soul growth. Different, not good or bad. Finding your position to this or any experience is the exploration. 

And like a thin layer of an onion each experience you have shapes your soul and the collective. All is on track because there is no other way to Be. Relax, and let creativity flow. Enjoy your memories of times without technology. Write them down. These recordings will be studied in the future as the time of Being during Transition.

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2 Comments on “AI and the Advancement of Humankind ~ A God Message by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. I accept some things, I reject others. I finally got a “smart” smart phone. Had my heels in the ground up until this point, but it’s neither good, nor bad. I can track my buses which is nice, and I have discipline to stay away from the brainless addicting pay to play apps.

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