Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head Live on Facebook Today for a Speaking with Self Session!


Hi Everyone!

Ron Head and I will be going LIVE today at 1pm CST to present a Speaking with Self session. You will find the live feed on my Facebook page and it will be available to the public. You can find my page HERE. To learn more about our work together, our Event YouTube clips and recorded sessions go to Speaking with Self. I will put Ron into a deep state of hypnosis, where he accesses the Creator energy and see what happens! We may even take a few questions from the audience. These sessions are done organically, we do not know what the topic of choice will be but assume the recent US elections may be discussed along with the current events of the planet. 

We will also be audio recording and have plans to make a youtube clip if the material warrants it. The recorded feed will be shared on the Speaking with Self Facebook page and other places. Ron and I have done sessions live for audiences before but to do one live on Facebook will be a first! We are crossing our fingers it goes well! Join us if you can! ❤

Much Love,

Suzy and Ron


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