7/17/2011 TAUK God Message to All

My Dear One,

You have asked to walk the Earth at an amazing time in history. Many souls wanted this opportunity and you were the one chosen to experience the great shift of Gaia. No better than those souls not chosen, but your role was determined to be very helpful and supportive to your soul’s journey. The decision for you to incarnate in this life was expressed with great joy and love. In your ability to awaken to the ascension process, you expressed the desire to assist those who consciously choose to be awakened later in the process. This is of Divine plan. Be the kind and non-judgmental guide to these souls. Mentor with love, all who seek your knowledge. Be the divine spirit you are in service to others. Open paths to conversations with family and friends who seek even just a glimpse of what you know. These people may yet ridicule your opinions but know that is only their ego and underlying is a magnificent soul of love and light. Their path may be different than yours but equally loved by Me.

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