7/4/2011 TAUK God Message to ALL

My Dear Loved Ones,

The only being in the universe is the great I AM. Within this I AM are all souls and entities of all realms. Nowhere is there exclusion to this law. You are Me as much as I am you. In our Be-ing is only love, joy & peace. Love is your soul’s oxygen. Joy is your soul’s gift of happiness. Peace is your soul’s true vibration. In your human experience is your gift of free will. In your will is the opportunity for the balance of duality. Now, when you imagine your opportunity for love, joy & peace you have very little need for the experience of hate, fear & greed. In your open heart this is a dawn of a new day. In your open heart is Me. In My open heart, there is you. We are one and have always been one. May you love one another as I love you.

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