Be Your Own Superhero ~ By Ann & The Council of Twelve 12/18/11

The Council of Twelve: Many people are wondering what’s real, who can be trusted, where are we headed? No one has the full picture. You need a higher perspective for that. So 3D has its limitations. That’s why its 3D and not 5D.We encourage you to indulge your imagination. Imagination is the doorway to reality, and that my dear, is one of life’s little paradoxes. You make it real in your head, then you make it real outside your skin. That’s the process in all of creation. You need to think of a chair before you build a chair. You need to picture a peaceful world before it will appear before you. The world of your imagination is not only real, it is the incubator for all that is real.

There is a danger of going out of balance. The word for that is insanity. We counsel balance, moderation in all things. If you are too much in your imagination, you will neglect your responsibilities. If you are focused too much on your responsibilities, your life will lack joy. Balance. It’s not a fixed point, by the way. It’s a moving target. Every day has different demands and opportunities. But for the most part, most of you could use a little more daydream time. Be the hero or heroine of your own inner movie. That’s your little secret. No one has to know when you’re in the grocery store or driving to work, that you are a super hero!

Play a little more, if only in your own imagination. It will light up the dimmer corners of your life and bring in real opportunities for exploration and change. The coming year will bring many changes. Make your own as you wish, to your liking and in your own time. Happy new year, The Council of Twelve.

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