From Fran Zepeda: Message from Mother Mary and Yeshua: 12.26.11

Message from Mother Mary and Yeshua: 12.26.11
Channeler: Fran ZepedaOpen Your Hearts

My dear ones, there is so much in your hearts. You are beginning to fathom the depths and essence of your being and it is a deep cavern of love. You are shedding the fear of many lifetimes. The cleansing that is taking place in the hearts of many is making room for vast amounts of love to harbor there. We wish for all of you to nurture that love in your hearts with every breath that you take. There is no limit to how much light and love you have the capacity to hold in your hearts!

Dear ones, we are by your sides and in your hearts. We Are your hearts, for we are One. Open your hearts more with each moment and with each encounter you have with others, for this is the path to Oneness. When you can really see and feel what the other is seeing and feeling and knowing, then you will truly know the meaning and essence of Compassion. We beseech you to make this a focus of your attention and to strive to put into practice the art of really listening to others’ hearts. With each day, you will grow in love and understanding of each other and the chasm of separation will no longer remain.

Many times you have pondered the meaning of life and many times you find that it is not merely a matter of thoughts or concepts, but a matter of how open your heart is. So we ask you all to keep your hearts open and clear so you can hear and feel what is in the hearts of others. This is the path to Oneness, dear ones. When all hearts strive to know and understand each other to the depths of their capacity to love, then that capacity just becomes greater.

We love you all dearly and are waiting for you to accept our love and light in even more quantities than ever. All you have to do is open your hearts to receive it.

With Deepest Love,
Mother Mary and Yeshua

Thank you, Mother Mary and Yeshua
Fran Zepeda

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