God and AA Gabriel ~ New Year’s Message “Live as if You are the Architect of Greatness”

January 1st, 2011

God & Gabriel

[Hello God and Gabriel.] Hello Suzy, We are here to give a message for the new year. [That sounds lovely, I am ready.]

To All,

We, the energy of Archangel Gabriel and God, are here to announce the beginning of the new year and to imagine the understanding that you are masters in human form.

Open your hearts to delight and joy as you communicate with your High Self, your loved ones and your universal neighbors. This line of communication is built into your DNA and is activated by all of Us in higher realms. The only prerequisite for this activation is your open heart. Be in your heart as you imagine your gifts of love and purpose. Universally you are supported and loved as you shake off the amnesia you entered this and many lives with.

However you choose to see your life experience, live as if you are the architect of greatness.

Let yourself Be. Let yourself love. Let yourself imagine.

Release with neutrality all negative aspects of your current life experience. Be in your all of All. God, Creator, your guides, angels and loved ones are beside you All ways.

Set free your limitations and be your High Self.

Picture peace and prosperity for All. The new year is here and the portals are open for the ascension of Gaia and her beloved inhabitants. Get ready for the time of your lives.

Live Love,

God and Gabriel

Channeled By Suzanne Spooner

Website: www.TAUKsite.com

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