TAUK Messages


Hi Everyone!  I’ve had such a busy start to 2015. I’ve moved my office location, launched a new QHHT website, managed my Universal Mind Project, invited the wonderful Paul Selig to Des Moines for another workshop, and am now in Arkansas for nearly two weeks of assisting Julia Cannon in QHHT classes. My meditation room has been packed up for awhile while we do some remodeling and it felt like a long time since… Read More

January 1st, 2011 God & Gabriel [Hello God and Gabriel.] Hello Suzy, We are here to give a message for the new year. [That sounds lovely, I am ready.] To All, We, the energy of Archangel Gabriel and God, are here to announce the beginning of the new year and to imagine the understanding that you are masters in human form. Open your hearts to delight and joy as you communicate with… Read More

STEPS TO OPENING YOUR PORTAL 1) Sit quietly in meditation & then picture a beautiful door.   2) Open your door and see several globes of light in various colors.   3) Pick one & walk through it.   4) You are now inside your portal. Be aware of the experience. Your frequency is raising, similar to connecting with your formula, stay here a few minutes.   5) Imagine stepping through your portal &… Read More