A Message to Humanity From God ~ Channeled By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


February 8, 2012



[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, let’s begin a message for the masses. [Sounds great, I am ready.]


To Humanity,


I Am. In this statement is My energy of One. God, or however you wish to label me, is a concept of One. One is only an instrument of My being-ness.

The perfection of you is the allowance that you are One, as am I. I Am.


Holographic lives of every parallel choice exist simultaneously. This is how complex our universe is. In the complexity is the simple origin of ‘I Am’. 


Picturing the outcome of all your choices is a third dimensional experience. This serves your soul’s experience as many lessons are being learned in this manner. The finality of 3-D, for those who choose it, will usher in a new understanding.


This is the zero point you hear about. A picture of this experience looks like all parallel lives converging as one. How you see and feel the zero point will be very individual. More & more humans are opening themselves to this experience.


Be prepared by knowing how to be in your heart. This is opening your mind to the power of I Am. Quietly center yourself in the busyness of the world around you. Give gratitude to Gaia for protection and support. You are on the threshold of an amazing journey. I Am. I Am. I Am.

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