The outcome will be the world you have dreamed and prayed for all these years. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

The outcome will be the world you have dreamed and prayed for all these years. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

April 12, 2012 in Ron’s Channeled Messages | Tags: , | by 

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Our message today is on the topic of your ability to mitigate the effects of what you call earth changes.  The occurrence yesterday of several large earthquakes brought about no massive loss of life nor damage to buildings, etc.

This was not entirely due to your efforts at sending love and light to those areas; but understand that even the efforts of your star brothers and sisters were in response to your requests.  We were gratified to see the great and instant response by so many of you to the news of these happenings.  It was exactly the best and most effective response you could have made.  You are unaware of the numbers of you who reacted in this manner, but we tell you it was in the many tens of thousands.  Please be prepared to continue your effort in this manner.  Those areas are still active today, and those and other areas will see still more shifting.

Hold your dear planet in your loving light as she makes the changes she needs to make to release the pressures necessary to her ascension.  Much that is negative is being transformed in this process.  For many years, there have been millions of prayers, meditations, ceremonies and intentions offered toward the kind of earth you wished to live upon and the kind of societies you wished to live in.  Many who began this process have moved on, and many others have come to continue the process.  The climb to the summit has been long and arduous.  We tell you that you have now begun the race to the finish.  It is all downhill from here.  The momentum is gathering and it has reached the point of being unstoppable.  The earth human will fall down and get his knees scuffed.  He may get bruised.  But he will not die off.

Everything that occurs now will not be welcomed by every one of you.  But hold tightly in your hearts the assurance that the outcome will be the world you have dreamed and prayed for all these years.  When you look back upon this year, it will all seem a small price to have paid for what you have gained.  All of the messages, all of the promises, have not begun to describe the life you will be living soon.  We will be with you each step of this journey, as we have been until this day.  Reach out to us often if you need to.  We welcome the chances to be closer to you.

Until tomorrow, then.  Peace, light, and joy be yours.

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