432Hz – a message from the Galactic High Council ~ A Message By Ariel DeAngelis June 20, 2012

432Hz – a message from the Galactic High Council

[Before I get started here I wanted to make this pre-message commentary to tell you of an experience I had I in preparation for receiving this message. I will begin by saying that it is well known in some circles that I am a champion procrastinator in terms of receiving and publishing messages for our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars. This message was no exception to that. I’ll continue…
Ever since early yesterday evening, I had been receiving a rather strong “signal” from a group of 3 who were very resolute in their attempts to get me to tune in to them fully. Of course I recognized them as I’ve had many communiqués with them over the last year, especially during the time I spent in Colorado from mid-September thru mid-December last year. They are part of the same “group” which communicated the message I received and published on December 29th of last year (2011).
The reason I am bringing all of this up is because the 3 who approached me last night made it clear to me today, upon me fully tuning in to them, that they wished for me to receive a message for publication today. It’s a mid-year Solstice today… kind of an important day Energy-wise. Alright… no problems there, except that my ego started to kick in filling me with doubts about how well I will receive that message and how well it (and “I”) will be received by the public once it’s been published (guess I still have little work to do on myself there…). But no matter; I agreed to receive the message, though not before some amount of resistance/procrastinating on my part… I think that part of me (my ego perhaps?) was trying to rationalize – are they real? Or are they not? They gave me the benefit of the doubt by allowing me time to eat my meager breakfast (which they kindly pointed out that I really didn’t need, reiterating what Michael and Raphael have been telling me for the last two months or so; that my body doesn’t really require sustenance in the form of “food” anymore) … I also felt the need to remind them that I hadn’t had my daily dose of sunshine yet and how lethargic I get when I have to go without… so they reluctantly suggested that I eat my breakfast outside while sitting in the sun… fair enough. So, that is what I did.
What I wanted to mention here, is that while I was outside, one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced to date happened as I was sitting there. Let me backtrack a little to part of the conversation I had with this group of 3 (which they revealed to me that they are representatives of the Galactic High Council). As we conversed in preparation for the message that they wished for me to receive, I asked them if they wanted me to use their names – I am aware that they have names they use amongst themselves, but rarely if ever share with the “public” in general – and they stated that it would probably lend more credibility/authenticity to the message if we didn’t use names as such since my perception of what their names are would likely be different than what others’ perception of their names are. Interesting. But I agreed… what’s in a name after all? They seemed quite certain that everyone will recognize them by their vibrations.
Okay, good enough. I will concur. Here is the thing though; as if to prove their point, while I was sitting there in the sunshine having my breakfast and listening to the constant banter inside my head (they, like Michael, have a tendency to continue with the message they wish to channel even though they know I’m not in a situation where I can begin to transcribe it… they seem quite certain that I’ll be able to retain all they say to me long enough to get it into written format, and if not, they can remind me… okay! LOL) I realize that their “voices” aren’t the only thing I’m hearing. That high above me and all around me, and in fact all THROUGH me, even “over” the sound of the traffic flowing by on the busy street in front of my home, I was hearing three musical pitches which when all put together formed a musical triad, or chord, sounding for all intents and purposes like a trio of flutes, or a sign wave playing; A Major to be precise (A, C#, E). How curious is that?!
They explained to me that each one of the notes was representative of each of their own personal vibrations. Makes sense. And then I hummed the bass (or bottom) note of the triad … hmmm … being a musician with pretty good relative pitch, I thought “feels like A 440Hz to me” and one of the group said that no, in fact it was A 432Hz. I wanted to test this “theory”, so I grabbed onto that bass pitch, began humming it, having been a singer most of my life and very adept at holding a pitch, brought it back into the house with me, dialed up “sound byte A 432” on Google, got a good hit of a website with a sound byte of it (here is a link to the website The Importance of A=432hz Music ) pressed the button to hear the sound byte, and if you press the button on the site  you will hear what I heard, which was the same exact pitch I heard outside, which accompanied by the two higher pitches formed an A Major chord but in the 432Hz tuning, rather than the 440Hz which we had become so accustomed to after standard tunings had been changed during WWII.
I find this very intriguing and wanted to relay the accounts of this experience to you. For me, it’s yet  another “proof positive” that these 3 are indeed who they say they are, and can be heard and trusted as representatives of the larger conglomerate who are here to assist us in these last few stages as we prepare for our Ascension into 5D. With that said, please read on, and enjoy what they have to say…]
432Hz – A Message from the Galactic High Council
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on June 20, 2012)
Hello! We bring you Peace and Joy on this day. We are three representatives [overseers] of the Galactic High Council; one each Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian, on behalf of the current alliance which you have come to know as the Galactic Federation of Light.
We come to you at this mid-year Solstice with a message of congratulations and encouragement for continuance toward what you are to experience in your very near “future” [here we wish to make note that words and phrases that are in reference to your current perception of “time” will appear in quotes so as to delineate for you the notion that your perception of “time” is “soon” to dissipate, and all will eventually be understood as simply “today” or “now” as it is].
We wish to convey to you our continued reverence and amazement for all that you have accomplished thus far. You have successfully navigated the point at which your Star System has aligned with the Galactic Central Axis and are now well into traversing your way toward the point in “time” at which you will make your final transition into 5th Dimensional existence near the end of this majority recognized “calendar year 2012”, at which “time” the Stargates which have now summarily opened after  the last 3 of your “planetary years” of “quickening” will stay wide open, making it possible for all who desire to do so, to Ascend into the Higher Dimensions.  At this “time” near “year end 2012” the Stargates will begin to close again, though leaving “wiggle room” for those who linger in slower awakening patterns to their True Nature and True Selves to make the decision whether to stay or whether to go. Once the Stargates have closed there will be another approximate “26,000 year” interval before the next Stargate opening and opportunity for mass Ascension – although citing that THIS particular mass Ascension is still unique in that your entire planet and in fact Gaia/Earth Herself will be making the transit into the Higher Dimensions. This is not to say however that opportunity for individual Ascension with proper preparation will not be possible, and we will still be on hand to assist in whatever way we can to make that a reality for those who wish to concentrate their efforts in continued 3D existence to make an individual Ascension happen for themselves.
It is evident to us that in the wake of the energies which have recently been deposited, at this “time” a new sense of Peace and Tranquility has permeated the cognitive perceptions of many of you creating a space for Love to come rushing forth and by way of holding back any further shadow activity, allowing others to continue in their awakening process.
We caution and greatly encourage you, however, not to allow yourselves to enter into a state of passivity or complacency with regard to your current position within the current Galactic Stream of Consciousness.  We have noted a tendency toward laxness once a certain “stage” in your progress has been reached to collapse into the “current” state of Bliss and forget that more lies ahead of you on your journey toward Ascension. First and foremost by way of assisting with your own raised vibration –now reaching full 5th Dimensional frequency – to assist those who are in the process of, or who have yet to begin awakening to the possibilities and opportunities which are “ahead” of them. This in turn will allow US, your Brothers and Sisters of The Galactic Federation of Light [and Ashtar Command] a better opportunity to assist you as well by making it possible for us to fully introduce ourselves to your entire Planetary Macrocosm.
It is by no accident of fate that we transmit this message to you on this “day” as the engaging Energetic Effects have major significance from a vibrational standpoint. Quite simply, we understand that uplifting messages received by you from us at these important “Energetic Junctures” provides you with necessary upliftment to propel you ever closer to your desired meeting face-to-face with us. You have done such a wondrous and magnificent job of receiving and holding and transmitting incoming Energies however, even in light of your tendency to relax into them, that even “Very Soon” does not begin to describe anymore the interval within which you can expect to see us fully within your skies and experience our presence planet-side. We greatly look forward to the “days” ahead in anticipation of our exciting and Joyous reunion with you, our Extended Family!!
We leave you with our Blessings for Peace and Love and Joy. Until we meet again.
We are effectively A, C# and E, representative [overseers] on behalf of the Galactic High Council, the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command.

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