A Second QHHT Session with Susan on the Shift; Family, Timelines, New & Old Earth Shifting, Light Workers Roles, The U.S. Election, December 21st and ET’s

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My friend Susan and I had so much fun in her first Quantum Healing Hypnosis session that we went another go! We compiled some more questions for her subconscious (SC) to answer and answer it did!! I was literally on the edge of my chair as it spoke to us. The energy filling the room was magnificent. The information that was  given may boggle your mind a bit and you may not agree with it, but word for word, this is what we received. I hope it assists with the expansion of your heart and mind.

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Suzanne 🙂


August 11, 2012

Susan’s  2nd QHHT Session– Q & A About the Shift

(Suzanne) One question that we had was with the shift. At any certain point, would there be a need to be physically close to family? (SC) I can feel the shift. If you were to lay on your back, looking up at the clouds, you could see it actually move over head. You could see it actually moving and yes, it is very good to have family close by, those you want to be with when you go. And it will happen as such that you will feel a need to gather those around you. It might be a family event, that happens to be a birthday, it could be some kind of celebration, if that comes to you, to it. Because that is telling you that now is the time to come together, yes now is the time. It is not a coincidence. It is for you to gather around. And the ones that make it there are meant to be there.

(Suzanne) Will this occur at the same time all around the world? (SC) Yes. It will. And it will be like, “Oh I can’t see you this day because we are getting together with so & so.” and they will be like, “Oh, we are doing that too.” Whatever the reason for gathering, there is no coincidence it will all happen.

(Suzanne) That makes me wonder then with Christmas and other holidays being close to December 21st, does that have any relationship? (SC) That will be a time when lots of people will come together and gather around. It will be a time when it will be easy for many to come together. They’re not telling me a specific date. They are just telling me it will be a time when everything just merges all together.

(Suzanne) Would that be the same thing as the convergence of timelines? (SC) Yes,they are telling me it will all come together, the shifting will mesh and then as it crosses, then it will go off again. And then there is the old Earth and the new Earth. And there will be a time when you can celebrate with everybody. And the ones that some will choose to go this way (old Earth) and some will go that way (new Earth). That’s when we will shed our skin and go off. (From Suzanne- I think this comment is in relation to the comment made in the first post; https://tauksuzanne.com/2012/08/01/q-a-on-the-shift-information-received-through-a-hypnosis-session-by-suzanne-spooner-of-tauk/

(Suzanne) And that is the emergence of the new Earth? (SC) Yes. It’s like you can see it. You can just lay on your back and feel it. You’re still here but everything else is moving away. It will be a whole different perspective of what you are looking at. A whole different perspective of this shift taking place.

(Suzanne) And will Susan and I be aware of that? (SC) Yes! Yes you will be and it will be funny at first and you will go, “ I’m Kinda dizzy.” Because you are seeing this whole different thing going on and it will be like, oh my gosh, it will be like this at first. All this going on. And then that’s when you’ll know this is starting to happen.

(Suzanne) I would think that it would throw the electronics and the satellites   off? (SC)There will not be any harmony with those. It will be the high vibration that the the Earth has. It will be chaos for a little bit while that is going on. And you will know that and that is ok. (Suzanne) That will be kind of exciting because that will know what is coming. (SC) Yes, it will be very exciting. But other people that aren’t understanding of the shift, this will cause them great concern and you can tell them it’s ok, come with me and it’s going to be ok. And it’s like you are giving them the last chance to come with you. And if they say, “oh my gosh no.” that is ok too. They will go in their own way and that is their choice. Be comforted that that is their choice.

(Suzanne) So there must be some physical time where people are teetering back and forth in their decision and this is when light workers will really shine and assist others in coming over. (SC) Yes,  especially if there are loved ones or friends, don’t plead with them. Don’t look like a sorry ass trying to plead with them (giggles). Because you are shining bright at this time and this is your time to show them what a wonderful world this is going to be and if they cannot see that, not fathom that, they have their blinders on. They can’t take those off. then this is your time to give them that last hug but it won’t be sad. It will be somewhat sad but only for a very short time because you know you will see them again. (Suzanne) Because we all are all One. (SC) Yes.

(Suzanne) Ok, so Susan and I had a question that now seems kind of funny with all the information you are giving us… But we wondered if it’s a good idea to take our money out of the banks. (SC) giggles. You’r e probably not going to need it. So, don’t worry about it unless you want to give it to the people remaining in 3-D. Give it to them, say, here take this, you will need it, I will not. So really, have a good time right now.

(Suzanne) Anything  you would like to share about the up coming US election? (SC) As it gets more chaotic towards November, towards the election stay in your calm and tell people you meet to envision Obama as already winning the election. Don’t pay attention to all the schematics  and all the back and forth. Visualize him sitting in the Oval Office, not the frantic arguments that are going on right now on TV, the mud slinging.

(Suzanne) In a previous session with another client, I asked if there was any real significance with the day of December 21st, 2012. Can you talk about that again? (SC) Yes. You are all going to be feeling the energy. Everyone is going to be feeling the energy. As we move forward to that time, everyone has been increasing their energy in small increments and their body has been going through the changes and upheavals and the energy is moving higher and higher. And this will be the last energy that is coming to you that your body will need but it is not like you are going to be sick. It’s not going to be like that. It’s like they are going through these little levels, well, it’s not really little. It’s big, they’re pretty dynamic. The increments that your body can take right now, a lot of people have been feeling ill, just to get to that next level and then the next one & the next one. But when that 21st comes everyone will be complete, to the very tip-top. All the energy, all the vibration that they will need, that’s when everyone will be fulfilled at that time. Everybody will be at the same frequency & vibration, no one will be lagging behind. Everybody will have the last little bit they need.

(Suzanne) Well in that scenario then won’t everyone ascend? (I was thinking with this description the SC was giving there wouldn’t be anyone staying in 3-D.) (SC) Yes, The energy workers, the light workers and those who have decided to ascend will be ready. It will be the light workers. Those that have made a final decision at that time, are really going to be going through a lot of adjustment to get  themselves up, get them adjusted. You will be helping them at that time. There will be some that will make a last minuet decision to go. You will be able to show them how to do that. You will be able to take them there in no time at all.

(Suzanne) There has been a debate amongst light workers about disclosure and when or if the Et’s will make their presence known. Can you expound on that please. (SC) They are trying so hard to occur before that time (the shift). You have seen them, up in the sky at the Olympics, behind newscasters while they give a news or weather report. You will see them in the sky. Especially with the sky/web cams. But they are getting in anywhere they can get in. Their plan is to be really prevalent and on this earth before the shift. They can’t promise it, you know because of everyone’s free will but they are trying to sneak that in at this time any place they can!

(Suzanne) Is there anything else you would like to bring to our attention? (SC) Everybody seems to be putting up a roof over their heads and I’m not sure why. If it’s for protection, they don’t need it. I don’t know why this is being shown right now. But they are showing me 4 pillars with this roof and we really don’t need the roof. A lot of people have that over them. It’s fear basically. And that’s one thing you can work on right now is removing these false roofs people have right now because it all is really ok. That will help with the shift too.

(Suzanne) Thank you for that. Is there anything else you would like to share with Susan? (SC) Um joy. Joy, joy, joy. Have fun! Have fun! And with your friend Suzanne, march on forward. You two are going to have a ride! And it’s going to be a ride that is so much fun. It’s like you both are on this carpet. And it’s this really polished marble but it’s a magic carpet. But just go with the ride and it is so much fun and this so much what it is, fun.

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  1. It is so uplifting and totally amazing to make contact with the Subconscious Mind. I too, am a QHHT Practitioner. Thank you Susan for allowing the sharing of your session. Reblogged on Galactic Earth 2012 and Beyond

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