QHHT Session with a Young Woman and her Old Soul~ The Shift, The Alignment of 2012 & Some Odds & Ends~ November 27th, 2012

This QHHT session was done this past weekend on a client in her upper teens. She experienced two very interesting past lives, her planning session just prior to her incarnation into her current life as Natalie. Her Subconscious (SC) answered all her questions she brought into the session and then as I usually do when we get to this point I asked about The Shift and the 12/21/12 alignment. This young woman has no real intrest or outward knowledge of the Shift topic. That is why it was extra fun to hear her answers to these questions. Teenager in appearance, wise soul in actuality. 🙂 Thank you Natalie for allowing me to post this part of your session. 

QHHT Session with Natalie

(Suzanne) We have answered all of Natalie’s questions, so if we may, can we talk about The Shift, about what is coming and what is here, the changes in humanity. What do you see? (Natalie’s Subconscious) New Energy. A lot of people are discovering what their purpose is and for some people that can be good, because the act of discovery ultimately gets them to their purpose. But for others it is difficult because they make decisions they normally would not make & that could get them off track. (S) What would make them get off track, what would upset them? (SC) They over-think their life purpose. And try to make every decision they make, go towards that connection-ally. that brings them backwards instead of forwards. Because some life purposes will just happen, without trying. And some things they need to learn. (S) Their lessons? (SC) Yes, if they force their decisions, they may not learn the lessons.

(S) We have this amazing alignment that we are getting close to, December 21st, 2012. What can you tell us about that? (SC) Some things are going to change but people just need to let go and let what happens, happen. Whatever that is, it’s best to not be so worried and try to figure it out before it happens. Just let it happen. (S) That is good advice. But it is part of human nature to try and figure ‘it’ out! (SC) Yes, but it will happen more smoothly and everything that happens does so with a purpose. Everyone just needs to trust. 

(S) So what advice do you have for people on how to spend time on the 21st? (SC) Trust your angels & trust what is going to happen will be good and will have a purpose. Nothing happens without a reason. Good will come out of it. (S) Even if some people have some fear or trepidation as things unfold? (SC) Even if it seems bad at the time, good things will eventually come from it.

(S) The things that are going to change around that date, are they things we can even imagine in our current experience? (SC) It is very hard to picture. What you will experience, it is not like anything else you have had experience with. (S) And if you had to describe what it will be like, how would you describe it as? (SC) A lot of change. A lot of energy change. A lot of change with people and their relationships. How people look at things will change. (S) What do you mean? (SC) It’s hard to explain… (seemed to be looking for words) It will be good, people do not need to worry.

(S) Is there a need to be with loved ones that day or is there any more need to be with loved ones that day? (SC)It could make people feel safer, more relaxed but everyone needs to act just as they would normally. Just let things happen as they are going to happen. (S) I would imagine there is a lot of energy, outside of our planet, that is assisting us? (SC) Yes, more energy than anyone knows!

(S) How will that shift of the frequency and the vibrations effect the souls on the Earth? (SC) It may change how everyone acts or views things. It will feel different. But it will be more noticeable for some than for others. (S) So for some, the 22nd of December will feel very much like the 20th of December? (SC) Yes. And for others it will feel a lot different. (S) And that is just the choice that each individual soul makes? (SC) Correct.

(S) There is talk about doing group meditations at that time, is that beneficial? (SC) Yes, it could help you view things differently but it all depends on how you CHOOSE to let it happen. Meditation could help you relax more and understand more of what is happening. (S) Do YOU have a clear understanding of what will happen? (SC) No one really understands what will occur until IT happens. (S) Why is this such a unique event? (SC) It has never happened before, quite like this. (S) And this is an experience that Creator wished to experience? (SC) Yes. (S) I appreciate any information you give, your thoughts adds clarity.

(S) How is it for you to have the ability to use Natalie’s voice to share your thoughts? (SC) It is nice!  (S) So what is this QHHT experience like for you? (SC) It’s a lot easier! I can just ‘say’ what I want her to know. (giggles) (S) We owe a lot of gratitude to Dolores Cannon and this fine process. What is it about Dolores that is so special? (SC) There are not a lot of people like her. She just knows how to help others in this way. How she likes to do what other people are afraid to do. (S) She is a brave woman. (SC) Yes, she is a brave woman. There are not a lot of people that would look at what other are afraid of and say, “I am going to do that.”

(S) So this ability, (QHHT) this process, will it be helpful to people of the future? (SC) It will. It will help guide a lot of people to their life purpose and help them figure out why they are here. (S) Kind of like taking the blinders off? Is it like this: As we come into a human experience, we loose our memory of where we came from, correct? (SC) Yes. (S) So is this a way to regain that knowledge? (SC) Not so much regaining the knowledge as helping people to understand why things happen in this life. So you can understand. (S) So you can let go?(SC) Yes. Everyone knows that things happen for a reason. This QHHT process uncovers some of the reasons for you.

(S) Recently I had a client’s deceased son come through her during her session. It was something very special to witness. Was this something that will happen more in my sessions? (SC) Yes, because it helps bring closure to the client. (S) I am so enjoying helping people in this way with QHHT. I value this process and have seen it effect peoples’ live so much. Is there anything I can do better or differently to assist others through this process? (SC) Everything that needs to happen will happen. It always does. You try to ask the best questions to help people to understand what they are looking to understand better. And sometimes if those questions are not answered, they will become known at a later time. It is more of their responsibility, they are the only ones that can know what they are trying to figure out. But they have you to guide them and I think you are doing a good job. (S) Thank you very much.  

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