A Short but Sweet Reminder to Pull Up the Big Kid Pants ~ A Channeled message By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


Hi Everyone! 

I don’t know if you have picked up on this or not but there is some crazy energy happening right now! I’m hearing from people who are really unglued and angry and from others who are floating along in bliss! What the heck?

In a recent session with Ron Head for our Speaking with Self  website, I asked what was up with all the chaos. In trance, speaking as the God/Creator energy, he answered something like this:

There is an increase of energy coming into the planet now. Everybody is receiving this increase, no matter what their belief system is. For those who are already concentrating on the chaos, they will experience more of this. For those that can center themselves, they will detach from the chaos, just observing it and becoming more centered. 

I just sat for this message and felt a gentle yet firm insistance to leave the sanctuary that is my meditation room & get out in the public and spread the signal of love. Something we ALL can do! And as my friend, God mentions, this is not a test!! 🙂

October 23, 2013


[Hi God] Hi Suzy. Being in the chaos is exactly what you are feeling now. You want to retreat to gather your strength but only being with your self will not assist the collective. Time to put the big kid pants on! 🙂 Go out and just Be. Be love, be peace, be calm and be in the presence of others. Send your signal out and please remind others to send their signal out as well. This is not a test. This is the new reality. Live your truth and picture love EVERYWHERE. ~ God

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