Infinite Wisdom on Life, Health & Love ~ A QHHT Session Given By Dr. Arthur Keenan


I am pleased to share a QHHT session given by Dr. Arthur Keenan of Monrovia, California. This information was given by his client’s High Self. Not only is the message beautiful, timely and inspiring; this was Dr. Keenan’s very first session he facilitated! This is one of the reasons I love QHHT and Dolores Cannon so much. The depth of healing and information within each of us is so easily accessible and her process makes every practitioner who trains under her a witness to humanity’s greatness. Find out more about Dr. Keenan HERE. And check out his blogHERE. Much gratitude to Dr. Keenan for allowing me to share this with you! 

You create the events of your life to heal what has not been resolved in the past. You must not blame yourself or others for any of it, however, for it is all part of loving yourself fully and completely.

Love others no matter what they do to you. It is what you have come back here to do lifetime after lifetime. This is God-love; the love of unconditionally.

You must also learn to get past the fear of what others think. It is time to let go of poverty consciousness; it does not belong to you. It is learned from your environment. Feel what it’s like to have all of your bills paid and have money coming in. Concentrate on having money, not the lack of it.

Meditation and being in nature allows spirit to connect with you. Gratitude is more important than allowance because it comes from the heart; allowing being a mental process.

Opportunities are being presented to you all the time from the higher self. All you have to do is act on them. The higher self is always proactive for you. It directs everything to you. Focus on health and not sickness in life. People perpetuate their lack of well-being by putting up roadblocks to their own healing.

This is a time on Earth where you are going further into your energetic beings. There is no time frame, however. You will notice yourself changing first, then others changing around you. It is like dying without really dying. You will become comfortably aware of your spiritual self while in the physical body; a blending of the conscious with the unconscious without a deep meditative state. You will become more conscious of what’s around you.

Whatever you want you will manifest by breathing life into it, for breath is the energy of life. When you breathe you allow all the molecules to flow as they should be without restriction. Breathing allows the harmony that is you to flow outwards from you; the allowing of energy to go where it is supposed to go. Expansion is just opening up to the more that was always there.

We love you. We support you. We guide you. Give yourself credit for how far you have come. All illness is an opportunity to forgive and to love yourself more fully. You have created it to do just that. Don’t judge it; just let it be without placing a label on it. Let yourself be without judgment as well. One cannot fully heal without forgiveness of self and others.

Don’t take anything on that belongs to someone else. Lovingly allow it to be and give thanks for the healing it has given you through your observation of it. And so it is.

Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete.

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4 Comments on “Infinite Wisdom on Life, Health & Love ~ A QHHT Session Given By Dr. Arthur Keenan

  1. Super. Did you ask if we could put this in our sharing blog category? If not would you please? Thanks!


      • LOL Suzanne I happen to love you so very much. I truly did not mean for that to be a public reply but since you accepted it as such I want your followers to know that you are one of the coolest, kindest, most generous and awesomest friend and colleague ever! And a FORCE with all you are involved in, TAUK, QHHT and Speaking with Self…you rock. And lets do a QHIN on all of this ASAP. 😉

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