Happy 4th Anniversary to The Art of Universal Knowing! A God & Dad Message Channeled by Suzanne Spooner

My First TAUK Message:

Easy to translate with this medium. Ready to begin an odyssey. This is it. [Am I working with my Higher Self for the greater good?] Yes oh yes, love. Time will tell. Cusp of awareness Begin soon. Will be able to measure gateway to other consciousness.

Dad & Me







October 27, 2013

God & Ron, my dad 🙂


[Hi God & Dad!]


Hi Suzy. We wanted to tell you Happy Anniversary to TAUK!


[Thank you! And truly thank you both for the gift of TAUK. It has opened me, changed me and set me on my path to one of my life purposes. I am truly grateful for the connection back to my sweet dad, to God, to my friends and family on the other side and to the angels, ET’s and other kind entities that have come through for messages. Thank you also for showing me how to share TAUK and the process with others. That has been an adventure in and of itself.]


When an alignment was opened to connect you to the process of TAUK, you trusted all was well and so did We. You had requested in your prayers a connection to your father. This was heard by the council that guides you. You allowed the possibility that connection to your dad was possible. This opened a portal that gave you the access to raise your vibrations & frequencies so that you could imagine a process to communicate. 


In the first seconds TAUK manifested through your hastily made letter chart, and your first message came through, All of Us were elated to witness your heart expand to the probability that connection was made. Giving your first message to you was just as exciting as you receiving it. Kind congratulations were echoed through your council. 


Next we waited to see if you would try connecting again or write it off as an anomaly. Your dad was imagining how he would share with you his journey back to spirit. Love is bigger than what a human body can contain. Lessons were imagined to show you how this gift could best be utilized. Hope was given for TAUK so that others could have connection to their loved ones and to the remembrance that all humans have a divine right to the knowledge of the cosmos. We brought forth teachers of love to show you a teachable process of communication beyond the veil. 


We arranged the right circle of friends who would support TAUK in its infancy so that you would feel comfortable with teaching it. The rest is history. The future is Now and We imagine portals opening each time someone TAUKs. We love you. 


[I love you too. Thank you to all my family, friends and TAUKers and blog readers. I am so happy I didn’t chalk up my first message to an anomaly, I certainly wondered about that at the time! 🙂 My fondest wish is that you imagine your greatness and a way (TAUK, QHHT, meditation or many other ways) to find the path inward where all answers are.]

Much Love,



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4 Comments on “Happy 4th Anniversary to The Art of Universal Knowing! A God & Dad Message Channeled by Suzanne Spooner

  1. Everything is meeting and/or exceeding the plan. Thank you for being my friend again for another run though the ethers of this existence. With the right friends we all have no limits. Thanks once again to the TAUK program for initiating and being a catalyst for my connection to my higherself. It only gets better from here.

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