Session 15 on Speaking with Self Site Now Live

This is fun, we picked up where we left off last week, talking about our multiple selves. Since last weeks session 14, I’ve had several dreams and remembrances of “other me’s”. This is such a fun awareness to explore! When you visit the Speaking with Self website, Session15, the Intro is free to download and listen. All of Session 14 is a gift to you! We hope you enjoy and start connecting with your other aspects! ~ Suzy 🙂

Oracles and Healers

SpeakingWithSelf_LogoSession 15 on our Speaking with Self site is now online.

The topic of this session is ‘Connecting with your other you’s so that you can learn from and assist each other’.

There is a short free introduction. Then the separate recordings are:

1)  I would like examples of how I have connected with other me’s so that I can be aware going forward to perceive this connection.

2)  Might you show me how to consciously connect with the other aspects of me? (This includes a discussion of communicating with the cells in our bodies.)

3)  Give me an example of my other aspects being aware of this aspect known as Suzanne.

4) A question from Suzanne. (A discussion of how to connect to a past life.)

You can go to this session by clicking HERE.

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